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4634 16 Ave NW
Calgary T3B0M8
Happy Bays Car and Dog Wash providing car wash and dog wash in Calgary. Happy Bays provides new, state of the art washing equipment to safely clean both your car and your pet. We have built something very special in Happy Bays Car & Dog wash. Our services are assured to give your car and dog a complete cleaning so that your effort is reduced to a great extent.

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I love washing my car myself but had very little knowledge of the equipment and chemicals that would work with my vehicle. One internet search later, I came across Happy Bays and its self-serve car wash service and decided to give it a try. The best part I found about the centre was the availability of top-quality chemicals and the latest equipment which I could use for washing my car. I took my time into washing it and was shocked at the difference such chemicals and equipment could make. I am definitely going to visit the facility again and recommend the same to my friends and family.

I have been washing my car myself for long, and yet I knew that the equipment and tools I use are not enough to get a sparkling finish. Having said so, right after I came from a long vacation where I took the car to, I needed a thorough cleaning done. I chose Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre because it was closest to my house. The professionals suggested their platinum car detailing package, and even though at $349, my car needed that care. After quite some time (a few hours), I could finally get my hands on the car and trust me when I say, it was a marvellous feeling. Well done, Kevin and the team.

Nathan Brown

My search for the best self-serve coin car wash got me to Happy Bays, and I am so happy I got introduced to the facility. It gave me precisely what I wanted - a personal bay to wash my vehicle. It also gave me high-quality tools and equipment all at an affordable price point. The eleven wash modes made me fall in love with the way I could work around with my car and make it look as good as new. Thank you, Happy Bays, for this service. To all who want to go for a self serve car wash, go for this facility.

By availing Happy Bays’ self-serve car wash service, I am very satisfied; now my car has a sparkling appearance! The wash bays are convenient to use and even the equipment and products were of high quality. You made my car look so spectacular. Thank you so much!

Happy Bays is the best car wash in Calgary in my opinion. Quality, bug free guarantee for a great price.

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