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Customer service has to the worst I’ve ever seen. Meal was over cooked and tasteless. Setting was like eating at a school cafateria. Over priced for what you get. Will not be returning and would not recommend to friends.


I personally have had an awful experience at Lesters Farm Chalet. I have to say, it never gets old listening to others retell their experiences. again today, I spoke to someone who had recently attended an event there and I felt like they were telling my story - got into a racket with Michelle, cold food and Jim and Sam patrolling the parking lot for people bringing their own booze (which isn't right at all but the point was Jim and Sam were like watchdogs). Some things never change. Must be hard for them to drive past Lesters on Brookfield and see the never ending customers and then to pull up into their own lot. You see, the Lesters on Brookfield Road actually are nice people - happy to provide a tip to keep your potatoes fresher longer and happy to nod when you walk in to to acknowledge that you are a rest customer. On Pearltoown road, however, it's quite the opposite. Michelle would rather fight it out with a customer. Don't trust me though - read the reviews and I guarantee that for every issue, there's a response back blaming the customer below. My issue was minor - easily addressed. However, Michelle chose to fight it out and I can guarantee you, my word of mouth has cost them far more than it ever would have to discount the raw dough on the pizzas at my daughters birthday party. I have a large network and they have lost 4 birthday parties and a wedding because of my experience. Shame, really.

Same Old Experiences

Must be the rudest owner I have ever met. Everything is good as long as you don't say anything negative. Then he gets offensive and very very rude. Jim, for the love of god loose the coveralls. Do you ever wash them?


Joe if your name is joe burns sorry you stoppednworking at the farm with a bad experience but you can't keep on comenting lies say one long comment or none at all don't keep going on about your bad experience through the ten pages of rates your name keeps coming up sorry if it's a bunch of joes but i drought that you need to forget that experience and move on it's been 3 years just stop

The persone who knows people that worked at then L

Great valentines dinner ! The meal was fantastic!


Magical sleigh ride and delicious pancake breakfast!


Farmer Jim and others, I enjoyed my granddaughter’s birthday at your farm on Sunday. It couldn’t have been a better day! Your entire outdoor and indoor crew were helpful, pleasant and professional. It was a day to remember for the many children and their families in our party

To Farmer Jim and Staff

Great venue for events, I DJ there all the time. Never had any issue with the staff or the Lester's always a pleasure to work with them. Cant wait for the next time. The food and venue are perfect for the farm theme. The Pig Roast is to die for, huge buffet of food! Venue is small to average so 150 guests or less is what I suggest. The bartenders are super funny always great at keeping the party going! Highly recommend !


Great venue for conferences. Excellent food and atmosphere.


Excellent customer service! Very prompt friendly service over the phone and in email. Just booked my childs birthday party on their website (very informative website.. pricing, meals, activities all listed) within an hour of booking the party I received a confirmation phone call and email. The email had the date and time, the activities I booked, the meal choice, and lots of contact information. Very organized and easy to work with. So far so good, I can't wait for my sons party in January!


Breakfast was absolutely delicious, large selection on the menu. The hungry farmer was great and the staff is very friendly. We have been going there for years and there are some of the same waitresses. It was very nice that they remembered us. A great place to eat. Next time we will try the lunch


Excellent idea for company retreat! Was there for my staff retreat enjoyed every moment of it. Farmer Jim was an excellent tour guide on the Harvest Hike! So much good food the whole day, the pig roast was my favourite!


Just wanted to send you a quick review to thank-you for everything!!! The wedding was amazing!!! Everyone is raving about the meal!!! The place looked perfect!!!!


Best jiggs dinner I've ever had the pleasure of trying! Went there this past Sunday for my friends 50th birthday. Friendly prompt service, the sweetest fresh vegetables, tender salt beef. Will definitely be back again!

Best Jiggs Dinner in town!!

After reading the last two entries I see once again the Lester's cannot be wrong. On numerous occasions I read of mistakes made here and they only try and reverse the blame onto their customers. Lester's, number one rule, the customer is always right. What a difference going to Lester's Farm Market on Brookfield Road and this place on Pearltown road. You may be related but you have not learned much from your family. Customers, do yourself a favour and go to Brookfield Road Lester's and stay away from Jim and Michele's place. They are so rude


We both hear and appreciate your comments. It is unfortunate that you left our family business with this negative experience. On our farm we prepare our meals to order, pancakes and toutons are made from scratch we even peel and cut the breakfast potatoes as we need them. Our kitchen and serving staff are made up of family and local youth. Both management and staff are just as disturbed and upset over the breakfast event as the guests, we host breakfast events on a regular basis and on last tally it has been over 3000 guests in the past year. Why did this event differ from the others? the biggest reason was through no fault of our own, we were not prepared for the # of guests. The conversation between our staff and the hosts only referenced half of the total guests that showed up. One of the hosts emailed an hour prior to the event apologized for the late notice and confirmed 30-40 people. Our staffing, preparation and additional reservations was based on the 30. when the reservation arrived the numbers went from 30 - 40- -50- with the final number being CLOSER TO 60 . We were fully committed with reservations from other guests and we knew the additional guests would stretch our resources and were faced with either asking the whole group to leave or trying to do the best we could. In consultation with the host we explained the possible delays and issues the doubling of the guests presented the host accepted the possible issues and was understanding of the situation. At the end of the event the hosts expressed their displeasure with the event to the cashier who had just started her shift. The cashier then presented the emails confirming the number of reservations. One of the hosts became very upset and several of the other guests who apparently were unaware of complete details of the situation proceeded to argue and shout at the cashier. We are regretful of the situation and experience of all those in attendance In the end and after review of both video and audio recording of the situation I have resolved that our mistake was our efforts to make the best of a no win situation.


Great selection of hanging baskets. Charles was a great help, even helped me bring my flowers to my car. I purchase all my flowers and baskets there every year they always last the whole season!


Awesome food! Went for a wedding on Saturday. Beautiful grounds for an outdoor ceremony. Great food at the reception. Bar prices are a little high $5.75 and $6.75. Overall great spot, would recommend.


Great brunch ! I had the Hungry Farmer, my two kids had the pancakes and sausages. Friendly service from a very sweet older lady, I can't remember her name... Our reservation was for 10am and we were seated and served with meals by 10:13 very fast service. I loved how the children were given a colouring sheet drawn by one of the Lester's with all the barnyard animals in it. The waitress even told us the names of some of the animals we were going to visit in the petting farm. After the meal we visited the petting farm to see the baby piglets, so cute. The peacock even put on a show for us, fluffing up his feathers and parading around his pen. We had a lovely morning, great brunch, great service, the cutest animals, and even ice creams on the way out. Will be back again. Thanks again Lester's :)


Awesome children's parties! Ive had all three of my children's parties at Lester's. The kids loved Farmer Jim and Farmer Tyler. The animals in the barnyard are so friendly. I love how they do all the work I enjoyed the party why the hostess done all my setup and cleanup! Looking at booking my own 40th party there as well. Such great people :)


I was never once told to delete these pictures, not even by police. I was advised of the risks I would take in posting them to social media but I was not told to delete them.

Madonna Whelan

Also on another note you were told to delete those pictures and videos as it is illegal to take them without someone's permission. You were told this by the police.


I am another unsatisfied customer. I agree with several posts below that they have no interest in satisfying an unhappy customer. As you read through all of the comments on this site, you will see a recurring theme – rudeness, no action, no effort to ‘make it right’. A sleigh ride party was held at the Chalet for 16 children (the minimum – there were 14 children present) and I was charged a total of $381.39 (including a built in $45 gratuity). I had opened a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and Lester’s Farm Chalet did not respond. I look forward to reviewing the Audio Video Surveillance (particularly the audio portion) that has been described below by a staff member and also relayed to me by Michelle (the owner) on the day of the party at Small Claims Court to validate my issues. The tone of the party was set when we went ask when we would give the ‘head count’. Typically, at children’s birthday parties (and I’ve held 22 of them between my children), you pay for the minimum and then an extra charge for extra children. Apparently Lester’s operates a little differently in that you confirm the numbers the week before (which did not take place). The response was ‘you confirmed 16’ several times over, however this didn’t help. Handing me a menu, telling me not to worry because there was a kitchen full of food, or telling me they would find something for the extra children to eat would have all been acceptable responses. Telling me I confirmed 16 did nothing to help the situation. From there, it was all downhill. Jugs of juice, heavily iced, put on the table an hour before the kids came in (you can imagine the complaints of thirsty kids having been outside for an hour when they had watered down juice); undercooked pizzas (when I say undercooked, I mean stringy dough – parents handing me pizzas telling me they wouldn’t allow their child to eat it. When I told the hostess, the response was ‘well I don’t know what to tell you’); no opening of presents for my birthday girl because ‘that’s done at home’ (even though there was a full 30 minutes remaining after the cake where the kids could ‘go back out and do whatever’ – no hostess/staff accompaniment). The owners own daughter, Sam, responded to me with ‘well, that’s a different business anyway’ when I expressed my disappointment for being a loyal customer for vegetables, pumpkins and seasonal events (referring to the Brookfield Road location). I went outside to hand out Loot Bags and had no less than 5 different interruptions to settle my outstanding balance, the last one being 20 minutes before the end of the party time (I have NEVER been asked by any business before to pay for the party before it ended). I was told at least a dozen times that information is ‘on the website’ – which is great if they had directed me to it when they took my $150 deposit in person since the information was important (but did print it and try to hand it to me when I went in to pay the bill after the party)! At the end of the party, I was so fed up with the experience that I had asked to speak with Michelle to voice my frustration. As mentioned in several other posts, she was rude and would interrupt me constantly and I left saying I would not pay my bill until I had the opportunity to have my say, uninterrupted. A young staff member would not let us close our car door. After some choice words, she did let us close the door but stood at the bumper, preventing us from leaving. Keep in mind, all of my contact information was provided when the party was booked AND again when I had had enough of being interrupted by Michelle, I wrote down my contact information. Instead, they had a staff member stand behind my vehicle (in a t-shirt, in February – I have photos) and called the police. It was the officer who informed me that I had the option to take Lester’s Farm Chalet to Small Claims Court if I was dissatisfied but not paying the bill would result in a criminal charge against me. My hope was that they would make it right through the Better Business Bureau complaint, but they didn’t even respond. For their lack of interest, I will now take it to the next level. I have actually had parents who were there to see everything offer to support me and encourage me to ‘take it further’. I have been sharing my experience with anyone who will listen and I would suggest that they have lost well over the 20% refund (for the stack of undercooked pizzas) and refund of the $45. gratuity that it would have cost them to make it right with me. I share a link to this page on my Facebook page and Twitter feed every week (and will continue to do so), encouraging anyone considering booking an event at this location to read what’s listed on this site first. Sooner or later, they will run out of people who haven’t heard the negative experiences.

Madonna Whelan

Hi there:) I have read the comments below and I do not condone nor agree with the comments of "former staff member". That would be his/her personal opinion. You will have to forgive my English writing as I speak 6 other languages with English writing not being my strongest point. First of all I have to say how much I love working events and weddings at the chalet! I've been here from the start (3 years ago) and have watched the chalet grow tremendously in the past year. We have hired professionals to train us in almost everything from faster pos machines, cleaning methods, cooking methods, and more importantly in customer service! We do take these suggestions very seriously. We do clean the chalet very thoroughly before and after each event. The only time there may be an overlap of a decorator and cleaner is when the decorators require extra time. We do apologize for this but there is a set amount of time that we can allow for setup as our restaurant services are open until 2pm. This leaves the decorators 3 hours to setup any decorations on the tables and/or backdrops. When it comes to cooking we are extremely careful that things like that do not happen but sometimes someone makes a mistake. We go right from step one from planting the potatoes, caring for the plants, harvesting, washing, seasoning, baking, and then serving in order to provide the highest quality produce to our guests. We try our very best to inspect each individual piece of food before it leaves the kitchen but we are only human.. We do sometimes make mistakes, we apologize for this. This is a rare occurrence but I will make sure it is something I look into preventing in the future. We are constantly training the staff on better ways of service and even had outside parties come in and train our staff. We do train our staff to serve in a timely manner with serving women first, never reaching across guests, constantly checking on our guests, and refilling water glasses. I will speak to the staff and make sure they lay the plates down more gently. Gratuity is paid out to the staff member until after the event. Gratuity is performance based. If a staff member does not preform to our expectations their gratuity gets revoked and split among the other staff. After 2 events of poor performance that staff member is then let go. Our favourite event to host at the chalet is a wedding as they are always so magical and beautiful. I would like to clarify that we are not wedding planners. We are simply your venue for reception and catering for meal/dessert. We are not responsible for decorating, cake, dj, etc. It is clearly stated on the contract what you expect from us. The contract is not in place to "save our buts" We have the contact in place so that it is clearly outlined what we are to provide for you and your guests. We host weddings and events at our chalet every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes even Sunday nights at the chalet. To try and remember what was spoken in every meeting with every guest is impossible. So for your best interest we created the contact. The contact is just as much your information booklet as ours. We are always pushing forward and improving everyday. Your comments help us become better because as you know we are still only in our 3rd year of hosting weddings. Every comment and suggestion helps. I would love to speak with the customer from 2014/11/05. I can go back to the video/audio surveillance of your wedding and contract to go over any of the concerns you had :) [email protected]


To "Former Staff Member" first of all I hope you left The Chalet to go back to school because the grammatical and punctuation errors in your little rant are atrocious. From a consumer's perspective you haven't done the owners any favours by writing what you wrote either. To: Former Staff Member From a consumer's point of view, your little rant has just given people even more reason to avoid visiting this establishment in the future. Let me explain the simple concept of "the customer is always right" policy. If you have customers that are unsatisfied with the food or service it is your job to rectify the complaint so that the customer leaves happy. Not post a thread on a sits complaining about them! What do people want? Well simply put they want what they pay for - good service and good food. Both of which are seriously lacking at The Chalet. You actually ask for suggestions when there are at least a dozen complaints on this page alone that recommend changes The Chalet should make. If those are not clear enough then I will highlight the most important issues in point form. 1. Clean up your establishment before and after meals! A paying customer should not be expected to have to eat a meal off a dirty table. A wedding party should not be expected to have to decorate around ground in food on the tables and dirt all over the floors it is ridiculous and asking them to pay to have it cleaned ahead of time is beyond ridiculous. 2. Train your staff in customer service! Slapping a plate in front of someone and walking off is not good service. I'm assuming the reason the service is so bad, especially during weddings or other private functions, is because the tip is automatically added to the bill. Gratuity is supposed to be earned by providing good service and added to a bill afterwards not included in it. 3. Hire a party planner who actually knows what they are doing. The whole point in making arrangements for an event beforehand is so that everything can be in place the day of that event. People who are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars at this venue expect every detail to be perfect not be told after the fact "That wasn't included in your contract. We never added additional charges for all of those details we advised you we would do for you before and during your event. If nothing went as planned that's your problem." If the owner's are not responsible for anything that happens at the venue during an event then who is? 4. Make sure the food is actually cooked and that the food which is supposed to be served hot is hot. Is that really too much to ask? Little tip for the kitchen staff - If you can't stick a fork in a potato the potato is not cooked. Also, you might want to provide the appropriate cutlery ie: steak knives when serving steak so that people don't have to use their butter knives to cut it. 5. Jim and Michelle Lester might be the nicest people on the planet but they are not if you complain. As the old saying goes "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." If the owners don't have the necessary customer service skills to train their staff or deal with the general public and their complaints then hire someone who does! When you offer suggestions for improvements and advise the owners that someday they are not going to get off so easy after they completely destroy someone else's big day, laughing is not an acceptable response. The fact that The Chalet grows and prepares its own food is mute. The food might be fresher but is pointless if it's undercooked, cold and slapped on dirty tables! For the record, I'm pretty sure no one expects anymore from this establishment than they do from any other establishment in the city. Call around to other facilities who specialize in the same events as you. I have and I have asked who charged to clean up a facility before an event, who included a tip in their bill, who would deny responsibility for anything that goes wrong at the venue (including the meal) and you will find the same answer I did NO ONE except Lester's Farms. My final comment to you is if you treat your customers as badly as you have spoken about them it's no wonder people have complained about the service. If no one at Lester's Farm Chalet wants to do what they are actually getting paid to do or make the necessary changes for improvement then I suggest all of you, including Jim and Michelle, find other jobs! Very disappointed customer

Very Disappointed Customer

Don't be fooled. This place is bad. Service, food, atmosphere, and the smell from the farm. Not just the manure but the is a rotting smell, not sure what it is but it stinks. Very unprofessional.


Honestly I don't understand what people expect from us? Michelle Jim and their whole family spend every moment of their lives working their asses off at the chalet to serve all you ungrateful people. We try our absolute best but there just seems to be no way of pleasing everyone, one moment your two slow, the next minute your to quick and therefor rushing people out? choose which one you want, relaxed atmosphere, or fast food?! you cannot expect to come into a full restaurant with a table of 18 and expect to get fed right away. There is always plenty of trained staff onsite but with the way customers are these days there is no way we could be prepared enough to deal with such horrible rudeness. I'm sure many people have other things going on in their lives that I'm sure are not great but that doesn't mean you can take it out on us or the chalet, We are servers not slaves. What other restaurant do you know of that grows and prepares all the food that you consume?! no where!! and yet people compare us ( a small family business) to a large franchise like coras or irving?! people need to stop being so negative and actually give some suggestions that will help. people on this site are being rude not helpful.

Former Staff Member at the Chalet

Very bad meal and service. Owners were frendily until I stared telling them of the bad service. They immediately became rude and unprofessional. A word of advice, your customers are paying your bills, take their comments and improve your service. At least that's what the normal business owners would do. But I can tell from some previous comments that you do not learn. I guess that's what happens when you do not rely on your customers for your income. Just apply to government for another grant.


For those of you who have had a wonderful experience at this establishment, be thankful because not everyone has been as fortunate as you. For those of you who would say "if ya haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" I have only one question: If you had spent thousands of dollars on your wedding and most of your day was ruined because of the service or rather lack of service you received would you be as quick to keep quiet? I don't think so. That being said, I think all reviews, good or bad, are important. The whole point of a review is to help a consumer make an informed decision as to whether or not they visit or book a facility based on another person's opinions. My family members had serious problems with this establishment and a fairly long list of legitimate complaints and witnesses who would agree with with all of them. I'm sorry, but I feel people have a right to be warned before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in advance on this venue. I could list all of the items here but feel the owners should be embarrassed enough by their recurrent behaviour and the amount of complaints they keep receiving since they started in this industry. Obviously not enough to make any significant changes to their staff or facility as the same complaints keep arising here over a several year period. Make your own decision but buyer beware, we were advised after the fact that this venue claims no responsibility for ANY details outside of the meal itself unless you receive additional charges for said items ie: cleaning of the facility ahead of time, etc. Personally, if I had to give Lester's Farms an overall rating out of 5 stars, I would give it a 2 and that would only be because the food itself was decent. **

Disappointed Customer

Such a great venue and wonderful service! I had my child's birthday there yesterday and it was so great! The girls at the chalet setup the WHOLE thing for me! The meals the guest table everything. At first I was skeptical cause they host parties every hour but since the hostess done everything for us it was perfect, I came back and the homemade pizzas were hot and ready for us to eat. The outdoor activities were so great! We went on a horse ride a wagon ride and even picked up a baby lamb! Thank you so much for such a great experience


The worst customer service experience you will ever witness. Owner is are very rude and unable to deal. We cancelled our venue and because of all the negitive reviews and the we recieved fro previous The worst customer service experience you will ever witness. Owner is very rude and unable to deal with. We cancelled our venue because of all the negative reviews from previous brides/grooms however were not aware that the deposit was non-refundable. We did not sign any papers and it was not posted on the website. When I brought it to the attention of the owner that it was not it the website he quickly updated the website and still refused to return my deposit. If you’re going to book this venue I would ask all questions up front and get everything in writing as the owners will change their minds and will only do what’s best for them. We are just glad that one of the biggest nights of our lives with not be taking place at this venue.

This place sucks the big one.


I agree Pete. This place is rotten. Even the ServiceNL report says that the cutting boards a dirty and needs to be replaced. Dirt is dirt, you should not have to be told this if you are serving the public food.

Frankie Power

Went to a weeding there this past summer. Worst meal I have ever eaten. Place was dirty. And staff very unprofessional.


I had my wedding at Lester's Chalet this summer, and while overall we were pleased with the location, there are a number of things that need to be addressed: 1. More knowledgeable/experienced waitstaff needed. Although our servers were friendly, they didn't know some basics of customer service - for example, when they served muffins to our gluten-free guests that we had prepared, they attempted to do so by handing out a giant tupperware container. It's a small thing, but at a wedding you want people that will pay attention to detail. 2. The vegetarian option was NOT what was advertised. We were told we'd be having a teriyaki vegetarian stir-fry with seasonal veggies, and instead we recieved the leftover grilled veg from the BBQ option on a bed of plain white rice - no sauce, no spices, no flavor. Don't tell us we're going to have one dish and serve something completely different (and bad) - especially when the groom is a vegetarian. 3. More overall organization from the waitstaff. We waited almost an hour to have our cake cut, the poutine was placed an hour late, and only one staff was delegated to serve drinks during our cocktail hour - so there was a very long, slow line to get booze. However, the chalet is a beautiful spot to have a wedding, the locale is unique, and I had many guests say it was the nicest wedding they've attended. If you're the kind of bride that's really picky about all the "little things", you may want to reconsider holding it here. But if you're semi-relaxed and can go with the flow, it's the spot for you.


My husband and I can not even begin to describe how pleased we are to have held our wedding at the Chalet!!Jim and Michelle Lester really take the extra time to meet with you as many times as you would like to make sure you are ready and comfortable for your big day! They were always professional and quick in responding to any questions I had about the details, and even when I didn't have any questions they contacted me to make sure everything was understood. If you really want a "WOW" factor, be sure to spend the money on the small details,I had a ice sculpture, a live band, and professional dj,photographer, and decorator!!!! It was wonderful to hear how it awed all of my guests!!! I cannot thank Lesters Farm Chalet enough for providing an affordable and beautiful venue plus a great meal for my big day!!!!


I attended a wedding there this year. I think the place has great potential but there were a number of problems. For these reasons, I would not recommend it, unless they make some changes. - Salad was skimpy. - Desserts unappealing. - Drinks were warm. - Potatoes undercooked to the point that I couldn't get my knife through them. - Corn served on the cob (don't really want to eat corn with your hands at a wedding). - Beans overcooked and mushy. - Tablecloths that covered gift tables, etc. were a mass of wrinkles, as if they'd been balled up and thrown in a box somewhere. - Chairs had light coloured cloth seats that were filthy. After the meal, the floor was only partially swept, leaving much of it still covered in food. - The glasses were covered in spots and had food dried onto them. - Paper placemats on the tables. - The tables weren't wiped off after the meal.


While I know this is a consumer site I can not read Felix's comment in reference to the provision of beverages past 2am, this gives our farm an undeserved slight of reputation. While the service of such does not violate the paramiters of our liquor licence it is our farm policy to end all wedding activites at 1 am And there was no possibility that the wedding "Felix" supposedly attended alcohol was served after two. And as a general response to those comments pertaining to the floors and cleanliness of the blgd i would like to acknowledge that it was my mistake to have selected a dark floor while our parking lot is still gray gravel. We will temporarily refinish our floors next week and have plans to pave our lot in the spring. I would like to thank everyone for thier helpful comments and should anyone want to contact us directly they could do so though our website Cheers Farmer Jim

Farmer Jim

Wonderful wedding venue! meals are much better then commonly found food you could taste the freshness in the meal.


Was there for a weeding. It does require a good cleaning and some maintenance. Music was way too loud for such a venue. I thought drinks were suppose to not be served after 2:00am???? They must have friends at NL Licquor. Food was ok but not what I expected for a wedding.


Meals are soo good !! loor does need to be redone but tables and washrooms were very clean!


there is no reason to get angry at someone for an honest opinion. my first experience was not great. yes the floor was dirty and the tables were dirty but it doesn't mean i wouldn't go there again cause the food was really good. BUT...the place has to be clean.that's just my opinion.

been there

Just wanted to thank the Lesters and staff for the wonderful weekend I had at their farm. My wedding was all that I expected and more, great job ! Thanks again Lynn and Pete


A lot of people have told me how tasty and delicious the food was at Lester's and I have to say, they were more than right! Everything was DELICIOUS. I went out to brunch with my two girlfriends last weekend and it was so yummy. I had the Friendly Farmer with fluffy pancakes and delicious, crispy bacon! For only 6.50!! Plus my coffee, which I received countless refills!! My waitress was very friendly and smiley and very conversational! I will go back! And I will recommend it to anybody!


I came across this site and just wanted to inform everyone that the lester's are in the process of building a kids party room in the basement, they just had a change of staff, they are changing the decor (walls, floors, and chair covers) oh and they are even trying to get paving.I have my wedding booked for 2014 and michelle explained to me all the changes they have in the plans !! I can't wait!!:)


I am reading through these reviews and am shocked with some of the negative comments. I go to Lester's just about every weekend for lunch and am never disappointed! Wonderful jiggs dinner, speedy service and wonderful staff. Always smiling, always coming back to check on you and they always make sure you have everything you need! I have even been to a wedding at the farm and it was beautiful. Bar prices are excellent compared to other places and the food was delicious! The only thing I heard people complaining about was how long it took the food to get out even though there was about a hundred people there and 4 or 5 servers, what do you think these people have eight arms? Relax people you will not starve to death. Some people are so impatient and rude. They are just looking for something to criticize! Keep your heads up Lester's and staff! You're doing great! Cheers!


I have been going to Lesters for many years now and haven't been disappointed once. From fresh vegetables at the market to a delicious brunch at their chalet, always friendly smiling service! I have been to a couple of their events and with small or large crowds service and food is always wonderful. As a regular I can't believe some of these negative comments, I would recommend them to ANYONE!


I'd like to agree with "Ha" maybe Gregory should have been the one wearing the dress it sounds like he wanted to be the center of attention.


Just wanted to comment about the service, I have been at their chalet many times and never once had a complaint about the service! I've been to a wedding there before and the food is not slapped down infont of you, and they do come back to see how everythings been and to serve you dessert. All the condiments are on your table in front of you, what did you want them to feed it to you? and as far as the gravel parkinglot goes suck it up princess.


Oh and btw everyone thinks the service is "bad" because they dont like the fact that 20 year olds have more sense then they ever will. Sorry but service at lesters is AWESOME where else can you go get great fresh food, a beautiful venue, huge parking, country atmosphere, and all you can drink coffee in st.johns?!?!?!?!??!


Dear Gregory your a lying piece of SHIT! just because it is a farm doesnt mean theres shit everywhere?! Animals dont live in the parking lot asshole, so sick of stupid people and their stupid comments. floors and tables are clean everything is washed all the time, jesus every time i go by they are cleaning something. Are you upset that you didnt get enough attention, im sorry but their are alot more people in this world except you so grow the fuck up and mind your FUCKIN own.


We attended a wedding there recently. What a shame for the Bride and Groom. I'm sure it will be memorable, but not in the good way. This place is an embarrassment to the restaurant profession. The floors, tables, etc are rotten. The Bride's dress was black within a few minutes. Hope she had her pictures taken before. The service is what you would expect at a Lion's Club, slap the plate in front of you and that is the last you will see from them. I'm sure it wasn't cheap but the meal and service was. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Poorly lit parking lot with no pavement. Imagine a gravel parking lot on a farm after it has rained while you were in the building. Mud and $#!* everywhere. Still trying to get the mud stains off my pants and car floor mats. STAY AWAY


Just want to add to my comment of a couple of days ago....I went back and had two friends join me and rate Lesters a 5 star on EVERYTHING from a sign at the door advising patrons to 'wait to be seated', the best service with hot delicious food, excellent prices,smiles and total professionalism! Good for you Lesters! Congrtulations on a job well done - we'll certainly be back. All the best.


BEAUTIFUL place food and service!! Not one complaint :)can't wait to return!


we've been wanting to try Lester's brunch for quite a while and did so on Father's Day in June. My husband is handicapped and clearly leans on a cane - no one offered us a seat and no sign indicating that we should wait or sit...after quite a wait - about 10 minutes I asked one of young girls if we could sit and told her we did have a reservation - no problem - we could take a seat by the window. It's a shame that all these negative comments have been posted for about two years and from reading them it appears that Lester's may have a problem with a particular shift...most people hate to complain and usually only do so when really annoyed. I believe you have a wonderful little place with a lovely menu and prices but really need efficiency in the kitchen and your staff really need training. Not a smile nor a return to check on us....we waited way too long for everything and our food was warm at best. We will try again but Lester's you really should meet with your staff and iron this out,,,,it's shame to have all of these erratic negative comments and I certainly agree about the comment of the 'dirty white chairs'- they're a real put-off to sit on unless you're wearing jeans - would look a lot better with a darker color to complement your decor which looks lovely. A couple of portable stand-up room separators would help to set off the children's party from the main dining room for the benefit of both patrons. The best of luck on improving these few negative items - return customers mean everything in your business.


Great food and atmosphere. Their BBQs are soooo delicious, steak or chicken or pork and lots of sides! Booked for next year already, highly recommend!

party of 30

was at the restaurant with my sisters for breakfast. the food was very good but the place was filthy. our table was dirty, the floors were rotten...a knife with jam on it was on the floor next to our table and when we entered there was a broom propped up against one of the tables. seemed very disorganized. i was also given a dirty spoon and how the girl did not see this, i'm not sure. they definitely need extra help. as for the smell...it's a farm what can you expect. i would recommend that they give the place a good cleaning. having a children's party going on while there were people there eating a meal is a no-no. i want to enjoy my meal in peace not hear children crying and yelling...but that's just me. i would go back again cause i did enjoy the food and i believe in second chances. they should heed these negative comments and do something about it.


Dear Jackie don't believe anything you read on this piece of shit, nobody writes anything nice on these type sites. I've been to weddings before and they are absolutely lovely, way better food and atmosphere then any other hall. Have a pig roast! Its sooooo yummmy!


I don't have a review for Lester's Farm Chalet, but if there are more people out there that could share their experiences using Lester's for a wedding reception I'd love to hear them. I'm considering using them for my wedding but after reading some of the reviews I'm not so sure!


Greenhouse staff at Lesters on pearltown are very knowledgeable, every question I had was answered and they were very helpful in my decision for a hanging basket! Will be back again, fantastic job!


Went to Lester's for a business conference today,, best meal I have ever had in all my years of conferencing! Plate was plentiful, pork was tender and mouthwatering, vegetables were fresh and beautifully seasoned! Will recommend !!


4 out of 5 star rating? Sounds like a great place to me!


Wow somebody was having a off day (re:previous comment)I've been to at least 20 or more kids parties at lesters farm, I've been there in the pouring rain, and snow, and even some nice sunny days! The Lesters always provide the perfect atmosphere for a party I have just as much fun as the kids do! I highly recommend!


I don't think that I have ever posted a comment before but feel that I have to voice my opinion. We just had our sons birthday party at Lesters Chalet on pearltown rd and am feeling quite dissapointed iwith the experience. The farm grounds are nice and the animals add a nice touch but after today I don't think that I will ever return and will never recommend the place to another family for a function because I am of the strong opinion that they have no catering experience whatsoever. Essentially, the party rental is 250 dollars(for a hay ride and quick pony ride) as the petting barn and sandbox is available to all visitors....and a table in the corner of the dining room with all the other patrons that were sitting having their lunch (while the kids were running around, I am sure they did not appreciate that) $40 for nuggets and fries (which myself and the other mothers served to the kids, while waiting ages for the juice and had to go back and forth looking for ketchup and forks which showed up when they were all done (when I went up looking for the forks, one of the very inexperienced girls had to rummage around in the sink to get some)No one ever came down to see how things were going, we had to go looking for everthing and personally I felt like this might have been the first party they have had. When I finally get the bill, I notice a $45 gratuity surcharge???? Not a bad tip for eight little plates of nuggets and fries. The total bill came to a little over $400 and I am very upset with the whole business. I mean we never had any real service, honestly we were only outside for a total of 40 minutes and the whole thing was clued up after an hour and 20 minutes (supposed to be 2hrs) I did bring it up to them about the gratuity but they were not backing down saying they provide a service and the girls work hard (yes trying to serve the others patrons and ignoring us) So heed the other comments....I wish I had. They actually said to me that you you pay for the service, it 's not like you rented a room and had to do everything yourself.....sorry to tell you but you do not have it together and should quit while you are ahead because you can only piss off so many people before things fall apart, and from what I can gather from past comments, and my own personal experience things are very poorly organized at Lesters. I wish it had been a nice experience as I have always tried to support locally, but never, ever again. They should decide whether they are in the restaurant business or the farm business, because both appear to be in terrible disarray


Dear Dee, Every hear the saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? I think they do a wonderful job their place is beautifully decorated and their food is to die for! Of course there's gona be a wait for a table, if they can hold 180 and they are 1/4th full I think that's pretty busy! If you don't like the place stay home and cook your own damn food!


Ignored the negative online comments, should have heeded the reviews. That many people can't be wrong. We made it as far as the table, waited 10 minutes (place 1/10th) filled, saw the food being delivered to tables, noticed the mud tracked in from outside barns and realized the upcoming experience would not be a good one and left. Two young female servers seemed inept and not trained in serving the public. With the lg. vacancy of patrons, family of four ahead and the two of us still had to wait by the door to be seated. The young ladies were puttering around, clearing a scatter table. Promptness and being greeted congenially was a negative precursor. Unfortunate as the whole premise of a farm setting has great potential. It looked like a church hall....no effort to make a diner's experience memorable. Throw some gingham around, few pitchforks on the wall, few bales of hay in the corner. ANYTHING...to show you've made an effort. Dark wood dining tables and chairs with white upholstery????? A mother's nightmare for kitchen chairs, in a restaurant with an outbuilding containing a petting barn for children and families then taking in a meal at the restaurant, is an accident waiting to happen to white fabric. Wish the business much success once the kinks are ironed out. Pls. consult a professional to help with the much needed ambiance; get professional staff, take seriously the reviews written.


Just had my mother and my wife out for mothers day dinner, we had the unfourtunate experience of sitting next to the previous commenters. They were grumpy from the minute they sat down, while we cant comment on there food ours was tasty and HOT! We eat there regularly and never once have been disapointed! The place was packed with people so obviously they have great food!


Went there for mothers day dinner, hot turkey without the HOT, h to turkey sandwich, again without the HOT, gravy wasnt even on it and brought to the table, and again NO HOT.....the only thing boiling there was my blood!!! Too bad, nice looking place, but kids working the kitchen isn't working for them, should stick to the farming! Not sure I'd go back if it was free, STUFFED chicken breast must have been left from yesterday cause it wasn't made today, barely room temp, fries instead of veggies, and 10, yes, counted them, 10 on the plate.....myself and four other moms would have been better off cooking it ourselves, grew up in kilbride and definitely expected better than that!

Lynda Mooney

Horrible! Never again!


Beautiful grounds, friendly people....however, poor service,very disorganized and misleading. Would recommend one go there for pictures, and that's about it.


I had the pleasure of attending a wedding this past fall at lesters farm chalet it was the third time i have been there for a meal and I cant wait for the next time I get an invitation to fill myself on thier delicious food and freindly service!


Had my daughter's wedding there this summer. We were promised lots of food - no one would be hungry. False promises and a complete embarrasement. Phoned and spoke with Michelle and also hand delivered a letter stating our concerns after the wedding and have never received a reply. As one person said the need help in running a restaurant. The wedding service was beautiful which was outside but food was cold and very poor service and management. Would not recommend for receptpion.


Atmosphere is great! I love their homemade meals especially the turkey dinner! Their staff are very friendly, I will return and also will be recommending to others !!


atmosphere is more like a dining hall or lion's club rather than a restaurant. service is not much better. food preparation and presentation was poor quality.will not return. do not recommend to other people.


My guests and I had a wonderful time at their chalet ! The service was wonderful, the staff was over accommodating. And of course the food was mouth watering!! We were all given the wonderful opportunity to visit their plant nursery and petting barns, we can not wait to come back!


I Enjoyed Michelles service, very prompt with phone calls and kind .... Professionalism was also at a max!! Thanks Michelle

Evan Bursey Affordable Limousines

Wonderful place, great food and service!


No comes on these things with anything good thats why theres all bad. its a lovely place, you wont find a fresher prepared meal anywhere.


Amazing place people are foolish not to go. And just so everyones clear Michelle does not even work in the chalet. Michelle works in the greenhouse so anyone who said shes rude or ignorant is full of it.


A lot of negative comments on here and I just found out why. This place sucks. The food is mediocre at beat, and the owner, michele, is rude and ignorant.


Great Place


Wonderful people ! wonderful way to start the day and spend a few hours with the kids. we will return !


Amazing place! I will be back and with my friends as well! Great place to take the kids for a few hours. Me and my wife sat done and had the Hungry farmer Breakfast while our children had pancakes and the Little Farmer. great meal great service and great price! after our meal we went done to the petting barn, I was amazed at the mixes of animals they had everything from bunnies to cows to llamas and also how well kept and behaved they were no bitting or kicking!Over all perfect for everyone where else could you look out the window and see horses roaming around?! best of luck guys keep up the great work!


WOW alot of negative reviews its nothing like that! They are wonderful people and sure if you `step on her toes``shes going to be rude with her the resturant is a lovely place its not dirty or smells at all! people need to know what they`re talking about before they say about the smell they spread COFFEE not shit. it doesnt smell and is better for the crops. Jim and Michelle need to keep their head up and listen to bullshit like that coming from people who have noing to do better with their lives than complain


Rude is not the word to explain her. I would use B!#*#. Its like she is above you and that she is better than you. Get with it you have to cater to people if you are waiting on tables.


The place is lovely but one of the owners is so rude. It's like she is doing YOU a favor by cooking your meal. Jim is fiendly enough but Michelle needs to say away from the public with that attitude.


great bunch of people!!! alot of negative comments about the smell of manure from dumb people does't stop them from going down to the Keg and eating with the smell of shit from their own ass's. some people need to get educated.


i would just like to comment on the manure spreading. They actually do not spread manure. It's other farms around that do this, and the smell spreads.


OMG. That was the worst experience every. Jiggs Dinner; 1/2 potato, 1/2 slice of turnip, 1 small carrot, and very little salt meat. Then the service, or should I say lack of service. I also happened to look in the kitchen, I know most restautants are not the cleanest in the kitchen, but this one takes the cake. For being a new restaurant, it is disgusting behind the walls that you don't see. The table where they prepare the food is brown with dirt. Will not be going back and would recommend you not go either. And the smell out side was horrendous, your on a farm so you can guess what I am talking about. It wasn't so bad when we went in but my wife actually urged when she came out of the restaurant. These people should learn not to spread it on the days they are open. They are only open two days a week. Give it a break on the manure spreader for those days. Its not rocket science.


Wow! absolutely amazing food and service! I greatly enjoyed my exprience there I will be back great job guys!


Great food, lovly way to start the day !!


Similar experience as Dianne but id like to point out that the potatoes was not baked it was boiled there actually fresh potatoes, not last years like some restaurants. Al tough they are some faults i will be back they are just starting and out will make mistakes as they should! Food was delicious and I had an overall good time!


Went to Lester Farm Restaurant today for Thanksgiving Dinner, very disappointed. We ordered Turkey Dinner, the waiter brought it out, first their was no Turkey on our plates, so she than brought out the turdey on a side plate, second their was no patato on our plate, so we saw them serving baked patato to some people, so when the waiter came over when we were almost finished i asked it patato came with the dinner and she said yes but we were finished by that time so of course we didnt want any than.. and you dont serve baked patato with Jiggs or Turkey Dinner, or i dont think so. The Dinner was very tasteful but they have a lot to learn on how to prepare a Turkey Dinner. I will go back but for breakfast the next time.


great service and wonderfull food, you can tell that its freshly cooked. My family and I will be returning!


delightful place to take the kids ! great service and atmosphere ! will be returning!


just had my breakfast at lester farms, what a wonderfull experience ! We will defiantly be returning to the wonderfull servicce and staff !

amanda and gerry

Lester Farms has the most mouthwatering food I have ever had the chance to try. They have to beautiful atmosphere and the friendliest staff that I have have had the pleasure of meeting ! I highly recommend this restaurant !


I too had a similar experience as "D". The owner is rude and unfriendly when you tell them this is a problem. Jim and Michele, Stick to growing veggies and let the true restaurants prepare the meals. This is not a restaurant just another way for them to get a few extra bucks from you. Stay away, but if you do go, do not dare tell Michele you did not enjoy the food!!! She will be rude!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chef Gordon Ramsey where are you?! These folks need a serious lesson on how to run a restaraunt! What started out as a great experience (the farm is truly beautiful we even saw a twin of pigmy goats being born) quickly turned sour when we went to the dining room. Two poor young girls running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to serve people. People waiting a long time to be seated and us waiting 45 minutes just to get our coffee (after we asked for it 4 times!) then by the time we got the cream and sugar the coffee was cold! We waiting nearly two hours and still never got our meals. It was taking them 15 minutes just to ring people in the way they are set up. That however was not the sour part - I understand they were busy what has taken me aback so much was the owner's attitude when we complained - no apologies, just snotty remarks and excuses. It's sad realy cause I may have given them a second chance had she not been so condenscending and rude!


I would not recommend this place. The food is bland, bland, bland. It is obvious that there is no provessionaly trained cook in the kitchen. And yes you are on a farm, so it does smell.


Excellent place to go. The only smell we had was that of fresh country air and good food cooking.Beautiful people , very friendly.


I too eat there. Our service was very poor and yes there was a smell. Your on a farm so you will smwll the $#!%. We will not return

John and Mary

Wonderful Food, Great Price, Friendly Staff what more could you want ?!


I completely disagree with the previous comments and this man must not know what Lester Farms he is talking about there are three operations owned by the Lester Family. This particular one is owned by Michelle and Jim Lester, they have a agritourism operation. They host weddings, kids birthday parties, corporate events,and each weekend they serve breakfast (traditional breakfast) and lunch (hot turkey dinner, roast beef dinner, jigs dinner, and hot turkey or roast beef sandwich) . And in the summer they have a flower nursery. this place does not smell I go there with my family every weekend and I just had my 45 birthday there they have a lovely pig roast. I am appalled that that man would even say such a thing the place does not smell nor the food taste bad, foolish man.


If you like the smell of cow manure, poor service, and tastless food, then this is the place for you.


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