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9255 Woodbine Avenue
Markham L6C 1Y9

Phone 905-888-7575
Iam shopping at pets-go the service is excelland

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Great store and cheap prices!!!

The customer service is great. The owner is a retired vet from his country and he is familiar with all the good foods for pets. He only serves organic foods which are healthy for pets.

love to be able to get my fish food, dog food and treats all in one place. The owner is very good. Anytime you need help finding a product or carrying a heavy bag of dog food, he is there to help you. They have a great grooming service as well.

Avoid at all cost. I went in with a voucher to redeem for my purchase but the owner was unwilling to accept it, stating that the voucher was already used after checking it against his own list of "codes". I asked to see his list and prove to me that the voucher was used but he refused. I then offered to call the company where I got the voucher to confirm its validity, but then the owner rudely told me to leave and proceeded to push me out of the store. If this voucher was already used, then he should have agreed to show me proof (I knew it was unused because I bought the voucher from a group buy site). I believe he realized he would be losing money from a sale with this voucher, so did not want to accept it. If this voucher was already used, then a professional, courteous business owner should have explained this calmly and offered suggestions like to contact the voucher company (which I offered to do), or perform the sale and then give a store credit when the voucher issue was cleared at a later date. The owner of Pets' Go was rude, physical pushed me out the store, not trustworthy and certainly should go out of business.

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