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Category: Health and Personal Care
178 96 AVE NE
Calgary T3K 6G4

Phone 403-735-4922

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In 1847, more than a decade before Pasteur disclosed his germ theory, the Viennese obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis documented the effectiveness of hand washing with chlorinated water before entering a maternity ward. Mortality rates from puerperal fever ...

Sudan: Separated by borders, united by needs

MSF, in collaboration with the Sudanese Ministry of Health, is providing medical care and nutritional support to those arriving in White Nile State. To date, the medical aid ... So far, MSF has conducted 2,111 antenatal care consultations with 152 safe ...

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I've been hearing quite a bit about this alleged war being carried out against black people. I've been told from numerous sources that the killing of Michael Brown is but another piece of evidence that, in the words of someone on my Facebook page ...

Save women's health, maternity support services in South King County

After her mother-in-law learned about the Auburn clinic, Leavitt initially signed up as a client for Maternity Support Services (MSS). Thanks to this state program administered by King County, nurses conducted home visits to check on the baby's health ...