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As the company has grown, we have continued to deliver the highest standard of personalized service to our customers and have lived by our motto: It's All About You, ......until your one year warrantee is up then they have nothing further to say and want nothing more to do with you.

As the company has grown, we have continued to deliver the highest standard of personalized service to our customers and have lived by our motto: It's All About You, ......until your one year warrantee is up then they have nothing further to say and want nothing more to do with you.

Management in this company is the worse l have ever seen.Should be ashamed !!

I am surprised at all the negative reviews. Being the former "First Lady" of Evanson, and having only 3 items on my pre-move deficiency list, I am shocked at how many customers are unhappy. The site supervisor was always available, the service supervisor worked around my schedule, and the entire experience was the best I have ever been involved in. I have purchased 5 new homes over my lifetime, and hands down, NuVista was the best. 17 years later, I still miss my NuVista home.

Drove from Strathmore to Evanston. Showhome closed at 7pm onTuesday night. Posted hours 2 to 8. Waste of time and gas. Broadview open and has immediate possession homes available.

This company really sucks. They give you the possession with lot many pending things to do. Then they won't turn up. If you give your reviews in Homestar they won't display because HOMESTAR is a corrupt organization. They took money from Nuvista for not displaying any more reviews otherwise that would be full of bad reviews. You can try it.

This company sucks, they use the lowest bidder suppliers and have a slob for a GM...

I request every one to unite to shut down this company to make them realize that they are not the god

Glad I saw this before I signed.

This company should be ashamed

Being a homebuilder cannot be easy - being a homeowner is not easy either. The fact of the matter is that builders are regulated, but not well. There seems to be some visible gaps in regulations and guidance with homebuilders that fail to adequately protect homeowners. There is responsibility on the homeowners to do their due diligence. If you are buying a NuVista built home, make sure you haev read your documents, know your warranties. NuVista has great presentation but falls short in their after sale service, warranty work (they dont seem to put a lot of care into the follow up work) and their management team looks as sloppy as they act.

If you are looking to buy or build in Redstone, this is not the builder for you. Steer clear of all Qualico Communities builders * if the developer wont stand behind the builder than your dream will start off on shaky ground!!!

I built with NuVista. I am almost ashamed to say I did so now. They are building a reputation as being a poor quality, lowest bidder builder and the results are showing in their homes. I woudnt actually use any of NuVista Homes Ltd contactors to do anything further on my house since they do such a bad job in the first place. Well if you want to build with NuVista, enjoy living through the warranty work and the team, they are simply 'least amount of work possible' repairmen. #NuVistaHomes #PoorHomeBuilder #CalgaryHomebuilderSucks #NuVistaHomesLtd #NuVistaHomesReviews

I went with NuVista and have built 2 other homes (different builders). I think people have a wrong idea of building a home with a builder. They are a contractor and are not onsite with every subcontract they hire. They rely on their trades to do the job they are paid to do at the level NuVista requires. The subtrades, dealing with their own hiring issues, try their best and seem to get stuck with whatever trade they can hire. This is where I see issues coming from. If you have all the trades doing a bang up job- you won't have many issues with your house- thus NuVista looks fabulous (I am leaning this way). But, like us, there seems to be an issue with an electrician (maybe they were new or unskilledd) and forgot to write things up according to plan (missing a few things in our case), and then the drywallers, who did a great job, but for some bizarre reason, hung drywall in one spot over top of a vacuflow inlet, causing issues with vacuflow installation). These can get missed. And if more trades mess up- it's hell for the builder to catch up. So hats off to NuVista- they do build a high quality house as a base spec. Their ensuites are amazing (c'mon, you need to see what they do with their tub surround and shower walls- they are meant to last a lifetime). 16 off center is standard. Basement framing is metal and not wood (that is an upgrade with other builders). No wood facia- all alluminum (which I think is what makes them look more plain than other houses when you compare them side by side- just look at the Evanston showhome versus the Jayman next door). The standard furnace and water heater are great, and I can pick out more things that are just way above standard that they include standard. Jenny was great to work with, Melinda was great, and everyone is responsive (and if busy, they get behind, like everyone else). I do feel sorry if you have a bad experience, but I also think you need to have a better understanding of home building and maybe a little more grace- that goes a long way.

Congrats to NuVista customers and the the SAM Award team for ensuring Nuvista did not win anything for 2011. There is no reason a home builder should get credit for their customers CUSTOM homes, so thanks to the homeowners who rejected their requests. Lets all wait and see if they get snubbed from another 'Customer Choice' award...

Great folks to deal with. Melinda Merkle is an outstanding, caring sales person. Great help. Great experience.

All of these comments are quite funny, I wouldnt trust NuVista to walk my dogs let alone build another house for me. I cant stands Mr Grainger, he should be muted and not deal with customers until he gets over his little man syndrome.

@ Home Owner (Dated from 2011-10-25) I found you're review on NuVista homes to be quite bland, and lacking references. Your review includes several open ended, unanswered questions with no information to back up your statement. For example you stated "Try to talk to some of the homeowners in the area, see what they have to say, you may be surprised..." (you also spelled "what" wrong) and "Talk to a realtor in the area, get an option on the home builders, sometimes they may have insight." No where in either of these statements have you included examples of negative feedback from a Realtor or neighbors. I HAVE spoken with a Realtor in regards to NuVista homes and they told me in their professional opinion that they are in fact quite a fine builder. Also, I have had many options to completely customize my floor plan with NuVista to my liking, as well full customization of interior finishes ect. Where you get the idea that this is not available to you is beyond me. Finally, in regards to using tar on your foundation instead of wrap, I am a Carpenter by trade, and my primary work interest is in fact concrete formwork. For YEARS builders have been using tar on their foundations to seal them against capillary water transfer. The tar acts to seal the pores of the concrete to prevent passage of water, as it is water proof. It is also stated in the National Building Code of Canada that a bituminous tar waterproofing is an acceptable solution to damp proofing a concrete foundation. The next time you write a review, consider putting some education into your article and back it up with factual information, and not slander or sideways hollow comments that hold no weight.

BM, Please be a little respectful and a little more tactful, If you are genuine about your opinion of NuVista, that can be appreciated but your delivery reflects poor grammar, spelling and frankly sounds very juvenile. I called the showhome, NuVista prefers that you utilize the resources of the Ab New Home Warranty program rather than using the resources of the BBB. I guess this explains why there are a vast amount of complaints on this site but none filed with the BBB. BM, if you would like, Im sure the showhomes will relay the same message. I really liked the advice provided on hunting for a new home/new build. Nice advice.

To the idiot that said it is in a contract that you can't complain to BBB, I say BS. Check your facts idiot all Alberta builders who belong to Alberta New Home Warranty use the Alberta New Home Warranty Contract. I advise anyone who is looking to buy a new home to research thier purchase in venues that are impartial like BBB, JD Powers, Alberta New Home Warranty. Don't take the advice of a disgruntled obviously biased individual on a Blog who has a vendetta against one of Alberta's best companies. Get a life you moron. LOL. BM out.

To anyone looking to purchase a NuVista home I have some (possibly) important offers of advice 1. Go look around the neighborhood that you are building, look at the quality of the builds of your NuVista home versus the competitors, does the basement have the wrap or is it just tar? is it clean? are the workers behaving safely? look at the back filling, the 'bones' 2. Try to talk to some of the homeowners in the area, see hwat they have to say, you may be surprised... 3. Marketing goes a long way and home builders spend a great deal of money on Marketing, I wouldnt be surprised if NuVista was sponsoring some of the positive comments on here, dont they seem a little fairytale?? 4. Looks at who is winning customer/consumer choice awards... not just floor plan awards, many builders will let you modify floorplans to your liking so why just bank on one of theirs, after all it is YOUR home! 5. How long have they been in business? are they just changing names every few years? 6. Talk to a realtor in the area, get an option on the home builders, sometimes they may have insight 7. Google more home reviews on the builder 8. Once and after you build, communication becomes key, find out what the warranty service is like 9. Whos selling in the area? are a lot of the NuVista homes selling compared to the competitors? that might be a big hint 10. Read the contract, if it seems vague, theres probably reason, if there are a lot of 'blanket' statements, this builder spends more time covering their butts good luck

Bob Mackie, you probably are aware that homeowners cannot complaint to the BBB against NuVista, its in the contract... so that statement really carries no weight. NuVista has not been winning any awards lately, their customer service awards are OLD. Modern floorplans, well if that were true clients would not be modifying them as much as they have been. I worked for NuVista and maybe if they were really that wonderful they wouldnt have the staff turnover that they do, they would not be in the position they are in and people would go by word of mouth not GOOGLE to find reviews on this company. Its too bad, I know too much and they play with peoples hard earned money and dreams

I love NuVista and their wonderful staff!!!!!

Oh I forgot they did win two design awards last year as well. there floor plans are very modern and user friendly. My wife likes the upper floor laundry so she doesn't have to haul cloths up and down stairs.

i did my homework before buying, checked BBB, Alberta New Home Warranty, JD Powers and Calary Home builders association. NuVista is one of the most respected building companies in Alberta with no unresolved issues at any of these groups. I don't understand thse comments on this blog as if anyone has an issue there are many resources available for resolving them through the ABNHWP. Buying a new home from NuVista was a pleasent and stress free venture for us and I would highly reccomend NuVista to anyone.

Note: Once you give your final payment for you new house, you are nothing... have fun dealing with this team

Thanks NuVista. Best decision I have ever made. I highly reccommend.

I was looking to buy, I bought Sterling, I am really glad I did now

A friend of mine just got a NuVista home, they really like it but commented on the continuous staff turnover, has anyone else found that? I like Judys comments, I myself believe that if you pay for quality you should expect quality, or at the very least if you are promised quality you should get it. Being a Bentley man over a Kia (though they have excellent warranty) I think I would have to pass on NuVista. I do like some of their plans but it is a great concern when you hear of staff turnover, it makes me wonder how customers are treated if the staff are always leaving. Morrison has been commented about and won recent awards, I would wonder if they are more 'Bentley'?

Love my NuVista Home. Service was outstanding. Surprised at some of the comments here. I guess some people are satisfied with a Kia and some people prefer a Bentley. NuVista's quality, service and skilled tradesmen built me a Rolls Royce. Thanks Richard, Dean and Jenny.

This is the third house i have built as well, I will say, while I dont mind NuVista too much, I wish I had gone with Sterling after watching the quality difference or Morrison because they seem to have the highest rate of customer satisfaction right now. NuVista banks a great deal on marketing to cover up quality. I wish them the best but I wont use them again.

This is the third home we have had built and we are thrilled with the quality Nuvista Homes has given us. Their finishing carpentor Claude is a master craftsman. The service from the sales staff through to the warranty people has been amazing. They live up to their motto ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.

Though I am sure NUVista is very knowledgeable, they hire trades and subcontractors at the lowest possible price and their work is reflected in it. It might help to start with a good foundation that is properly back-filled and tamped, it would reduce cracks in foundations. The hiring decent (BBB approved possibly)sub tradespeople might help with the finished product. Maybe is Jay Lenos italian brother didnt do key handover and say 'we did this for you' (which you will always want to respond - because I PAID for the house) it might make is a better experience. YOur after possession warranty is facilitated by Mr passive aggressive, he seems as though hes waiting for some type of award but after 2.5 years of NuVista challenging some homeowners, theres much less awards to be given.

Thank you to everyone for your reviews, I truly believe awards cannot speak to the truth of a builder, only the fact that they were 'liked' more than the others sometimes. I appreciate your candid feedback and your colorful comments regarding NuVista good and bad, I dont think this is the right home builder for me thank you

I actually had a really good buying experience but the building experience and follow up was just the sh*ts!! I thought they had a lot of awards for customer service and satisfaction as well but the awards are OLD! they have not won anything recently: cant say that i am surprised either. The sales guy in our area seems as though hes got one foot out of the door and the group responsible for the finishing and follow up are always on vacation! While I have heard good things about NuVista I guess I had higher expectation and my experience fell short. Hey BW, JD Powers has not given NuVista an award lately, I should have looked closer at the last time they had received one.

A big thank you to all the staff at NuVista Homes. Sharon and Melinda you made buying our new home easy and a great experience. your construction guys did a great job with quality as their number one priority. We will definitely tell our friends and highly reccomend you to anyone who wants a new home. B&D

I'm am really surprised to hear that because I've had nothing but a fantastic experience with NuVista Homes and will stick with them if I buy again. I've built 3 new homes with different builders and this company is the best by far! Before I went to NuVIsta Homes, I looked at their JD Powers scores and their previous track record with ANHW and they get glowing reviews. My site manager and Warranty tech have been fabulous too so maybe you have unique issues. Even our neighbours have had all similar experiences so who knows? I don't know what neighbourhood you live in but that was definitely not our experience. All I know is that from start to finish, these guys know how to treat their customers - great!

All home builders have issues, they do. Would I say NuVista is the worst, probably not but they could use some lessons in dealing with their customers. The construction manager (Dick G)appears to have some issues, as such over compensates while dealing with the customers to the point of rudeness and passive aggression. While filing a request for changes or issues you will inevitably try the suggested route, not see any help or results and end up with a healthy plate of frusturation. While you walk off your frusturation you will meet others in your neighborhood that built with NuVista that will tell you stories of calling in professionals, building inspectors and other tradesmen to verify the issue because NuVista has not accepted the customer/homeowners warranty issue. To hear all of these complaints in on neighborhood will scare you, what will you be up against... hence this is where I stand, I am fighting with NuVista on issues that are very clear in my contract that they are trying to sweep under the rug. I hope that this encourages NuVista to act in a better practice, but speaking with Dick, the Construction Manager, I highly doubt he or Mike P will care enough, they just forget about it on their numerous vacations while the homeowners scramble top save their house Dear NuVista, I hope Qualico drops you soon!

I dont think Ill be choosing this builder after reading these posts.

Buyer beware! I commend anyone for doing their research before hand, I should have. I was limited with builders in the area i wanted to live so I after deliberation and review, Nuvista was to build my house. The toted 'customer satisfaction' and their awards, but please note when the last time they got an award. Our sales process was great until we found out that they undercut our sales rep (not very professional) and since we started building there have been numerous staff changes - unprofessionalism and poor treatment by NuVista causing staff to leave. I should have caught on sooner. During the build process there was much excitement as we saw walls go up, the siding etc. but with each one of these great feats we were met with disappointment in the errors occuring, the poor workmanship (that was to be likely covered up before we noticed). There were floorplan errors, location errors, sloppiness and lack of attention to the big things and little things. I said, this is standard and happens to everyone... right??? the latest sales guy said that hes never seen this much error and problems with his other previous (builder) employer and he was actually shocked. Building a house was suppose to be filled with anticipation and excitement, instead I was met with lies, overcharging by their suppliers, condescending conversations with the general manager and construction managers and finally a product I have resentment towards for causing soo many sleepless nights, anger and stress. After stalking to other residents in my area who built with nuvista, my experience was not the exception but the STANDARD.. SAD!!! seriously consider what you read about NuVista before you chose them as your builder. I woudl not use them again.


We purchased our house a little over a year ago. During the construction phase we visited our house 3-6 times a week to ensure everything was as we spoke and that the quality and workmanship was there. All along the way we kept finding errors, trades were not doing things to the plans!! We had the same experience with the suppliers, we were ripped off everytime we check prices, full retail at some businesses were less than the suppliers choices!!! At times we would spend days trying to get someone to call us to correct issues and nothing.... our house was delayed because of lack of returned phonecalls and emails, trades doing what they wanted and suppliers screwing up HEAVILY, though we were told it was weather... we know what happened... think twice and do your homework before using NuVista

We were very excited when we first spoke to the sales rep about NuVista. He seemed very knowledgable about the company and the product. However, once we started building, things went very sideways. There were changes that we wanted made to the plan and were told to wait until the final plan review - the changes ended up costing us a lot of money and time, that could have been avoided. I am also disappointed with the overall "quality" of the trades. There are scratches in my tubs, the walls looked like they were drywalled or painted by a 2 year old - either way the paint looks like Cra*. The house was not clean when we moved in - I am still cleaning drywall and wood dust out of things. My husband and father redid the plumbing in the basement because it was so bad. The NuVista plans are very nice and we are getting good use out of our home; the staff is nice but somewhere the communication breaks down and small things don't get completed as the client wants, which makes for an unhappy experience.

I would think twice about using NuVista, they claim they always use superior products but they dont, they just feed lip service as to why their products are better- if you actually look into the claims its not always better. They use suppliers that over charge - so be warned - COMPARE PRICES!!!! you will be very diappointed to find out that the suppliers they chose have a license to over charge you.

We have purchase house from Nuvista, and were very excited to build it.Sales people were more then helpful, but the construction staff did not follow up our standards. Lots of defeciencies werent fixed, even though were mentioned 3 months before possession. Nuvista contruction staff promises, but dont fullfill their promises. The only way to get what you want done is to talk to the general construction manager. Overall I would say the job was done poor, takes too much extra time to finish little things, basically it is not worth your time and stress level to lower while building a house with Nuvista. The positive side was, great and interesting floor plan.

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