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Some of THE WORST customer service I have ever received. If you’re reading the other reviews and thinking “hm maybe it’ll be different for me, I’ll give them a try”, let me save you some time... DO NOT. Their meat products are actually of great quality and very delicious. However they’ve “recently changed their packaging” to cheap and crappy bags that do not seal properly, or tear easily? I don’t know. And so when storing meat in a freezer for the better part of a year, some of it is bound to be freezer burned. Don’t bother complaining because they’ll find a way to make it your fault... “did you move the packages around in the freezer?” Are you kidding me. There will probably be a little movement in a freezer over the course of a year. They offered to replace a couple of my packages, which they did, with smaller and already discoloured (less-than-fresh) pieces of meat. Don’t even get me started with the billing company, even more issues there. Apparently no managers to speak to but then one called me a month later, which was another waste of time. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything, all passing the buck to the next person and “we will make it up to you on the reorder.” Sorry, there won’t be one. Guy comes to your house just to sell, very arrogant, and the wife is even more rude. I wouldn’t even give this review one star but there no option for zero stars. My favourite part is when they repeatedly try to convince you they’ve never had complaints.

Callwood meats is all about getting your signature and sell expensive meat! Extremely dissatisfied with this company. In my opinion, they are all business and the sales person just care about have the paper work signed when he comes to our home. I do not understand why he even asked about our meat consumption per week and how many members are in the family, if at time of delivery they bring very small amount of meat. The amount of meat we received is not enough for the number of family members we have and the length of time that the supply of meat last. For 5 months they delivered 2 packages of hot dogs and 2 of breakfast sausages, and of course the rest of meat and chicken. When this sales person asked me questions I clearly asked for 1 whole chicken a week, and he wrote 1 on his list, however when the meat came I received only 6 chickens for 5 months. So misleading, when I called the company, the lady explained me that sometimes the sales person do not know what is happening: what an irresponsible answer! plus that number 1 meant 1 pound of chicken a week! Do they want me to believe that he does not knew what he was doing? They are so proud of the quality of meat, however they are so pushy about getting clients that they become really poor in the area of clear communication and honesty up front.

Extremely dissatisfied with this product delivery and the salespersons conduct during my interactions with him. Was NOT made clear that the delivery would be 6-10 months all at once, leaving me to find storage for the meat. Upon calling to complain was met with rude comments, prejudice behaviour, and threats of law suits. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!

I also had this man come to my door to place an order, he had a free steak in his bag for me to try. He then gave me a story about how he had to put his daughter through MED school and she was becoming a doctor..... Had wait just over 3 weeks to receive my order. Then found a small mixup in the order had to call and talk to his wife.... WOW...RUDE LADY... decieded not to call back after looking at my order I only received just over 170 lbs of meat only lasting my family 6 months at most I paid over $9 a lb for this meat. BUT... the steaks and the chicken was very good! all and all I would just go to costco myself for the rest of my order. I never would like to deal with at lady ever again.

Don't get duped by the sales guys lies. He came over with to do a sales pitch and he brought a rib eye which was absolutely delicious. I decided to order the meat as I thought I was going to get the best of the best. First of all , if you don't change the default order, you get something like 251 pounds of meat, but end up with tripe, bones and other junk. I changed a few, very minor things and ended up with around 190 lbs of meat. Then the delivery guy came late in a non freezer truck and much of my meat was on its way to thawing. As most know, it's not good to freeze and refreeze. When I received my order, it filled my freezer up about 1/8 full. I was very angry about how much I actually received and complained. The owners wife was incredibly rude with me and I was seconds away from telling them to pick up their meat when the owner called later to say that he'd drop off some more meat. The only reasons I didn't tell them to pick it up was because I didn't want to hear the "I told you so" from my wife.. If you paid the order in full, you would receive a free week of meat. This pathetic "free box" of meat was a pork chop, 2 sausages, 2 chicken thighs and a strip loin steak. Well, I guess this was the ethiopian version of a weeks worth of free meat. Another thing, they say you can get 10 months of meat out of it, but that's a big nope. We're 7 months in and almost done. Also, I asked for ribeye steaks, and all I received was new yorks. The steak is bland. The chicken was promised to not shrink - lies.. and one leg would be suffice for an adult- lies.... DO NOT ORDER THIS JOKE. Next time I'm going to back to Costco in Newmarket to get some of the best meat I have ever had. And frankly, I don't care if the cow ate corn later on. Why? Cause it is tasty.

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