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Houses for rent, flats for rent, condos for rent, and apartments for rent in Halifax/Dartmouth/Bedford/Sackville, Nova Scotia. Property management and leasing of apartments, condos, flats, and houses, and relocation assistance.

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I your writing style truly loving this internet site.

The BLURB is a ridiculous website with no filter for vetting illegitimate reviews. Reviewers do not have to reveal who they are, which opens the door to malicious and false claims from disgruntled tenants and even competitors. Revenge reviews are too common in the property management field from tenants who do not leaving a property in good condition and losing some of their sec dep or were evicted for not paying their rent.

I came across this site and am very surprised by previous comments. I have been renting from The Pad Picker for 6 years now and have always found them to be available and quick to respond to all my requests. Maintenance staff are very good. Would highly recommend!

just came across these bad reviews by accident....totally surprised and skeptical. Have dealt with this company for years...and they are very professional and easy to communicate with... but they do not suffer a fools folly so that might explain the reviews


There is bad service and then there is the Pad Picker. Calling them bad is a compliment. Ignorant, uneducated staff and service. After a water leak that was caused by no maintenance being done they send me a letter warning me not to damage the new $0.99 a foot flooring. They hired the ultimate trash repair crew to install the lowest quality flooring.

Had to appear in tenancy court twice, and won both times, to get deposit back for property we never agreed to lease. Stay clear!!!

Cannot directly comment on the service as I was never able to get in touch with anyone! I called multiple times and left several voice messages, but was simply unable to reach the leasing contact name at any point. Not sure how this company is able to stay afloat when they can't even take new clients! Doesn't fill me with confidence about having any future issues addressed in a timely manner, either.

Completely agree with the previous comment - did not make any repairs that were promised during my tenancy - very unprofessional and unhelpful

I would not recommend this organization for any reason. They are unprofessional from the top of the org down. They also seem unclear on their statutory obligations to tenants and seem to leverage this to withhold secuirity deposit.

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