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My wife and I are so happy with our home. We have been here almost a year. We worked with both John and his sales team and I have to say they are incredibly passionate about what they do and it really shows in our home. Even during the warranty process we've had zero issues with getting ahold of they're warranty team and everything has been completed in a reasonable time line. If you want a builder that takes a genuine interest in you, your family, and your dream home I would definitely say go talk to the team at San Rufo! Thank you for a dream home come true!

Jenn and Geoff Goldberg

I am really shocked when I hear or see any negative reviews about this company. But maybe because all the negative reviews are 'anonynous' maybe it's the same guy who had one bad experience. I simply cannot believe that my amazing experice with them could be any different from other homeowners. I asked questions the whole time during our process... probably even got to be annoying for them but they never made me feel like I was wasting time or asking stupid questions. They really helped me understand exactly what goes into a home and they were polite and knowledgeable about it the whole time. Sure some of my upgradesk cost money... but so do upgrades on a car. San Rufo did an amazing job!

Anonymously Amazed (Amy)

GR8 builder! My boyfriend and I just bought a duplex and we are amazed at how much we got on our super tight budget! Major bang for our buck! Didn't think we could get quartz counters, large eat-in island, and a garage floor drain and still stay under 330k!

Foxy Fiona

If you are looking for a builder that will afford you flexibility and work with you to achieve your goals and visions - San Rufo is the right builder for you! I owned my own lot and was looking for a builder to help me come up with a custom plan. I worked with their Sales girl Ashley and I received nothing but great customer service. Now we're nine months later and in our home and it is beautiful! I wish I could post a picture on here of the beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail their construction team has! I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a great customer service experience!

Darren MacKay

Omg best builder ever! My husband and I just finished our second semi-custom build and compared to the first builder we used 7 years ago, San Rufo did an amazing job and so did the sales lady in Riverside! We started with their Joseph floor plan and when we asked about alterations and customization they were willing to work with us on every request! The office staff were very professional when we went in for our appointments. Overall I would say they have a great team and they truly care about every home and every client. Props to San Rufo!

Alexa B.

I would give them no stars. Their website says they have been building 30 years but it's been less then 10 building houses. If you want to put your relationship and family through stress building a house then this is the company to go with. If you want unreturned emails and phone calls then this is the company to go with. If you want to wait 2 years to get deficiencies dealt with, then this is the company to go with. If you want poor quality and unfinished work then San Rufo will deliver this. I know when building a house you do expect some complications. But this company is ridiculous.

You will be dissatisfied

Unprofessional and sub-par home builder are just a few words I would use to describe San Rufo as a company and the type of home they build. From the moment our build process started we have had nothing but problems with them. They claim to be a custom home builder but any little change is made out to be the biggest headache for them. At the end of the day, they work for you and they make it seem as if you are asking the impossible. During the design stage we had asked for a few extra outlets to be added to the garage. Once we made the request they made excuse after excuse as to why this could not happen. Once they finally agreed and the drywall was being put up, we noticed that the extra outlets we had already paid for were missing. When we brought this up we were told that we were wrong and the change was never made even though we had signed paperwork from them. We were told that in our contract it states that they can make on site changes as required and they would not be refunding our money even though we did not get the extra outlets. How is this even allowed? We paid for a product that we never received. The amount of lies and excuses from them was unbelievable and we were constantly made to feel as though we were in the wrong and out business was not appreciated. I do not know how a company can screw over so many people and stay in business. Besides the people that work there, the product that they turned over was not what I was expecting at all. When you are paying that much money for a home you do not expect so many short cuts to be taken. For example, the tops of any of my door frames were not painted, they were just left unsanded with no paint on them. How much more money did you really save by not painting the tops? I realize that no one will ever notice this but its the principle behind it. The trades they hire are told by San Rufo to rush the job which in turn compromises the quality. These are just a few examples of my experience but I can guarantee that if you talk to anyone who has actually completed a build with them, that they will have a number horror stories to tell you. All I can advise is to stay away!!!!!!


I recently build a custom home in Sturgeon County with San Rufo. My wife and i had no idea where to even start. San Rufo was there to help right from the start, from helping pick out a lot to how to lay out the house so it shows good from the curb. I mean they did it all.It has been a year now living in the house and i have no issues what so ever. The build was done on time and on budget. If i were to do it again i wouldn't trust anyone but San Rufo to do the job. Thanks to the whole team for building my family the home of our dreams...


I worked with San Rufo Homes to build my house in Edmonton last year. They helped me through the architectural design process and were very thorough on every aspect, with attention to details that helped avoid problems later. They also handled all the City permits, demolition of existing house and services. The construction process was left entirely in their hands from start to finish. We had weekly meetings where any issues were explained, discussed and resolved. I found the company very professional and they finished on time. There were a few minor deficiencies which occurred after possession but they were resolved right away. Overall experience was excellent.

Denny O'B

Love our house. Love our sales girl. Love the designs and finishes offer.

Linda C.

Wow! I happen to stumble across this website. I decided to look at some reviews of companies and services that I use. I must say that I was completely shocked when I read the reviews on San Rufo Homes. I could not believe some of the things that I was reading. I will state this right off the bat "premier home builder" I have built 2 homes with this company and both times I have had homes that were award winning worthy. We have had issues, of course, but every single time the situation was dealt with. I can't believe that any realistic requests were meet with resistance. Often people enter these situations without a true understanding of what to expect or how to conduct themselves. None the less, I would recommend San Rufo Homes to anyone who is thinking of building a new custom home


Steve and I visited numerous show homes throughout St. Albert until we came upon a San Rufo Show Home in Northridge. We eventually decided to build a custom home in Sturgeon County. We started from no plans and through a series of meetings with the owner and the sales person we completed a fully customized home. The planning process was pleasant and very informative. The owner and staff were very helpful throughout the planning process. The building process itself went smoothly for the most part considering the complexity of the build. We couldn't be any more pleased or happier with the home and the finished product.

Steve and Kathy

After walking through every showhome in the west side of edmonton and seriously looking for a new home. I decided to go with San Rufo Homes because they have a great fit and finish, as well as an amazing layout for living. I have been treated with the up most respect from the whole San Rufo team. Yes there was a few deficiencies, however they have been taken care of quickly and efficiently. I would recommend San Rufo Homes to anyone.


Between my immediate family and I, San Rufo has built built 4 single family homes and 1 duplex home. My wife and I built twice with the and the experience for the most part was excellent. Sure there were issues that arose during our builds but the builder was quick to deal with them. The suppliers and trades were held accountable if an error was made or if the quality wasn't up to par. Sales and warranty staff were excellent to deal with and the site super and the construction manager were also very easy to deal with during the build process.

I am not sure what these other reviews are all about but my experience throughout the entire process of my build has been awesome. San Rufo is very open about not being "the cheapest guy or the fastest guy on the block" because their quality and expectation of their trades is so high. I am glad I didn't go with the cheaper builder because some of my neighbours have told me horror stories about items being wrong, or breaking already in their 6 month old house. I love my home in Northridge and I owe everything about my house to the excellent sales lady I had and the awesome staff that all make up San Rufo Homes.

Let me first say, i've read all the comments below & i now understand how these people feel about San Rufo homes. I had a meeting yesterday with the home-builder(no need to mention names as i'm sure everyone knows who i'm talking about) & from the moment i sat down, i felt like San Rufo had no desire to build me a home. And it had nothing to do with the salesrep(who was awesome) but the owner of homebuilder. Disrespectful, confrontational, arrogant & really - a complete jackass of how my wife & i were treaded by him. In fact, in our meeting, he even had the audacity to check his facebook out on his phone - who the hell does that when you're trying to earn someone's business?? I'm in sales so i know what to treat people because i treat my clients how i want to be treated & unfortunately, this clown has no people-skills at all. Very hard-ass, know-it-all who wasn't welcoming at all. I can't believe this guy has clients & i feel so sorry for those who work for this company. In fact, i received a text from the salesrep apologizing for the way he acted - what the hell does that say about this clown?? He also cut other builders down & the quality conducted by the trades. Yet all i see for reviews is how horrible he & his trades are. I know one thing - i won't be choosing this builder & again, it's no reflection on the salesrep, who was fantastic. It all comes down to my meeting with the home-builder owner & the reviews i've read about this clown.


I have to agree with everyone on here and the comments they have made. We decided to build with San Rufo hoping that because they were a smaller company they would actually care about my families needs and the house they were building for us. Their website states that they have been around for 30 years, but I find this very hard to believe since no one seems to have heard of San Rufo Homes. I cannot even begin to explain the issues that we have had with our house. Everyone in my neighbourhood that we have talked to has nothing good to say about them and the quality of their homes. They hire the worst trades who rush the jobs and do not complete anything correctly. We were refused every single site visit we ever requested even though we were guaranteed a few throughout the build process. The communication within the company is terrible and we were always being ignored and our phone calls/emails never answered. All of the comments left in these reviews are completely true and everyone who has built with San Rufo would tell you the exact same thing. They have no construction knowledge and will constantly argue with you if you question anything they do. I would not recommend them to anyone and hope that anyone looking to build stays far away from them.

San Rufo has got to be the worst builder in the entire city of Edmonton. Save yourself the headache and do not build with them. My husband and I have had issues from day one with this company and now that we have been in our home for a few months the issues haven't stopped. We continue to be ignored and none of our deficiency items have been looked after. It is constantly a fight trying to get someone to call you back or listen to your concerns. They hire the cheapest trades possible which really shows in the end product. If you are looking for a quality builder and someone who actually cares about you and your family, do not build with San Rufo!

Save Yourself the Headache

San Rufo has the worst trades and quality. They are so cheap that they have their landscapers (who have no experience) do the driveways. They cut corners to pad their pockets and the clients who hire them to build their homes have to suffer with the crappy quality and unfinished home. They never return messages and emails once they have all your money. I have over 50 deficiencies and stuff on our legal contract that still aren't done. The construction manager built a San Rufo house and he doesn't even use their trades. He hired a qualified company to do his driveway and has been doing all the work to his house. I have not met anybody with a San Rufo house that is happy with the way they have been treated, or the lack of quality or professionalism one expects when building a house.

Buyer beware

If your looking to build a house with this company, don't. Ask anybody who built with them in the last year and they will have nothing positive to say. Their webpage talks about quality and craftsmanship. It's a joke. Actually the neighbourhood calls the company a joke. It's embarrassing when people ask who built your house.

Horrible company

If your looking to build a house with this company, don't. Ask anybody who built with them in the last year and they will have nothing positive to say. Their webpage talks about quality and craftsmanship. It's a joke. Actually the neighbourhood calls the company a joke. It's embarrassing when people ask who built your house.

Save yourself the trouble and do not build with San Rufo. They lack quality, professionalism and they are a terrible builder. The number of issues are endless and now that we have moved in, trying to deal with warranty issues is next to impossible. We are constantly being ignored and told that our house is not priority. At one point we were told that even though we have brought up deficiency items to them within the one year period, does not mean that they will be fixed within this one year time frame? How can you possibly let people live in an unfinished house after they have just paid 400-500K+? This is unacceptable. Save yourself the trouble and do not build with them. They do not deserve your hard earned money just to take advantage of you throughout the process.

Do not build with San Rufo or let anybody build with them. I saw some negative reviews online during our build and I thought they were just jaded customers. Their not. Since we got possession of our house things have been really bad. It's unbelievable how we have been treated. Once the money is in their bank account they just walk out during your walk through.


4 years after purchasing the house, after going through lawsuits, still fixing house. Stucco falling, window parts falling apart, driveway major cracks, stuff written on contract left undone. Only communication was through e-mail and every time I asked him something, the builder was very defensive, dismissing my concern, stating he knew better than me since he has been in the business for more than 20 years. Very sweet talker, compulsive liar.




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