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We are located in the Almaguin Highlands Ontario just 30 km north of Huntsville, Muskoka. Over 40 acres of woodlands overlooking Doe Lake, a predominately sandy warm water lake.

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Thank you to billofthenorth feedback. We are pet friendly with a dog beach.. We charge an extra $40 per pet for cottage rentals due to extra time cleaning for pet hair and also damage to rugs, and furniture causing replacement. The cottages also are rented by guests who do not have pets and do not appreciate the hair and smell of wet dog. There is always an option to kennel your pet off site. Regards Nancy Rizzo

I considered booking last summer till I was made aware that I would need to pay an additional $80.00 to be allowed to bring my 2 seriously?!

Thank you for your feedback and trip down memory lane! Doe Lake Park was a long time ago! As the current owners (14 years) of Doe Lake Campground Rizzort we can assure any current or future campers that we strive to offer the best service and camping experience in this beautiful area. We endeavour to make upgrades every year to improve the resort facilities. We hope Doe Lake camper has found a great campground and continues to make camping memories. Happy Camping!

My family and I use to camp here for many years and enjoyed every second we spent here. The campground its self is gorgeous and was always worth the drive. After being some of the longest tending permanent families in the campground, we came to the end decision to leave. The main reason for our departure was the changes to the park that came with new ownership. The new owners are very business driven and seemed to prioritize that they make every penny possible, as opposed to ensuring customers were taken cared of and valued. After each passing year the park seemed to get more and more empty. Eventually all of our friends within the park felt the need to leave, which made the decision to leave even easier. As long as you follow their strict rules ownership will treat you well, until you have an issue or concern with anything. As much as we loved the park and memories we had made at doe lake park, we simply decided the negatives that the new ownership had in the park outweighed the positives. I would not recommend this park to anyone.

Wow! Thank you to all for your kind comments and words of encouragement!!!

When we first came to the "Rizzort" to check it out we were greeted 2 separate times by very friendly campers who told us info and history about the campground. We were impressed with all the trees, the site size and how well maintained the campground was. We decided to ask our in laws to come back and give their opinion they liked it so much they took a site also! Anthony and Nancy have been helpful, cheerful, fun and if a minor issue comes up they take care of it. I love to see Anthony and Nancy patrolling the park ensuring our safety,and appropriate noise level especially at night! Each year they add more activities for the campers of all ages to enjoy. We are so thankful we found this northern paradise and considering how many people Anthony and Nancy have to deal with for 6 months, (like a fish bowl) I applaud you both for a job very well done and hope you remain the owners for years to come!!

The S. Mclellans

I used to camp at Doe Lake Rizzort before I purchased a trailer and decided to get a site within the park because we loved it so much. It is a clean park and the owners are always trying to improve the park any chance they get. They built a beautiful wood gazebo and new deck at the waters edge for all campers to use. They have many activities on long weekends and throughout the season for all ages. From the fireworks display they have on the Canada day weekend to the kids fishing derby , everyone has a great time. I think the rules they set in place for this park are very reasonable and respectful to all campers. There is also a marina for boats and a beach for us and one for the dogs. The owners are very personable and easy to get along with and will listen to any concerns that you may have and try their best to resolve them. This is a great campground and I highly recommend it.

We have been at this park for three summers now and we love it! It is always clean and well maintained, there is always lots to do and the owners are amazing. We couldn't be happier.

I’m glad Robin already refuted the negative comments. They certainly don’t reflect our experience in the park or with the owners over the years. Anyone who does not understand that investing in capital equipment to improve the park benefits all of us who stay here; should not be commenting on any business at all. As for the park rules, they are simple, basic, common courtesy for your neighbours. People who have a problem with that just have a problem period. My partner and I have been enjoying Doe Lake Rizzort for several years now, and feel it is a clean, beautiful, well-maintained park with sites that are large enough to actually allow you some privacy. Take a walk around and it has more of the feel of a campground then the traditional “trailers in a field” idea of a trailer park. We have found that both Nancy and Anthony are friendly and approachable. They put considerable time and effort into improvements each year, whether its re-working sites as they become available, building playground equipment for the children, or upgrading the pavilion that all guests get to enjoy. They also put a lot of work into providing entertainment, crafts and events for the campers all summer long. And they even have a dog beach! How fantastic is that?!

Thank you for your comments! It's nice to read positive words of encouragement!!! And thank you for signing your name, Robin! Criticisms lose validity when the complaint is done anonymously.

Four years ago we rented a site for the weekend at Doe Lake Rizzort. We enjoyed our experience we decided to return. We spent our first season there on weekends. We decided at the end of summer to get a seasonal site. Three years later we are still loving it. To some of the comments I see here just want to add my 2 cents. Water pressure is not a issue The year this happened was the year of drought The park owner did everything possible to make sure all sites had water and we always did. The park is spotless and the sites are massive. The owners of this park could double there sites but choose to have bigger sites so you have privacy. There are 2 beaches on the grounds a camp beach and a dog beach. The fees in the park are some of the best we have seen. Golf karts are allowed in the park in response to the comments the park requested that anyone entering the park now must have electric driven kart. Personally I love this rule I don't need to listen to gas karts at 11pm at night. We recommend Doe Lake Rizzort to any campers out there. If you do however have an issue, the owners are more then happy to discuss them and work out a solution. There are many activities to par take in, such as bingo on Mondays, fishing derby, treasure hunts, fireworks, potluck, brewery days, various crafts Halloween dance tickets are sold for an off resort Halloween dance to which the owner actually provides transportation via tractor.....this is to just name a few. As more families with younger kids are entering the campground, activities are put on for their enjoyment, such as fishing derby, Halloween trick or treating, movie night, crafts etc....

The water issue at your trailer,( no one else ever said anything), should have been brought to our attention immediately. We have a Ministry test tap right next to your trailer. Discussions like this should be in person not on a review site.

HI Nancy, the water problems this season were different from other years. Other years water availability has been an issue but this year there was a smell we never noticed before, and unless we boiled the water, then filtered it with our brita, it made us mildly ill. I never stated your personal income was anything other than your business. What I said was my personal perception was that there were a lot of areas of improvement needed but the only improvements being seen were at the home. That's why I suggested the communication. We would never know what goes on in the off season, or underground improvements, or even improvement plans, without communication. I hope you read this in the positive manner I am trying to convey.

Thank you for your review and apology . We do have newsletters put out every spring and fall and are posted on the sign boards at the office for communication. We also have two Facebook pages for information sharing by owners and campers. You spoke of "water quality" which we take very seriously. We chlorinate efficiently as per Ministry of Health government standards and have NEVER had an adverse reading. Thank you for your advice about the beach. The beach has been hit hard due to so much flooding the past three years and it is this fall and spring project. Communication goes both ways . If there is a problem and you do not let us know , we can't fix it. As per our personal vehicles and park equipment , they are not toys but necessities in this business. The common area Pavillion improvements at the waterfront are also there for all to enjoy not just for the owners. And what we do with our personal income is our business.

Thank you to those who responded to my review. I appreciate your opinion and point of view, and I completely understand them. I hope you take the time to understand mine as well. I only intended to inspire a positive change based on my perceptions and experiences. As I noted, I have been at the park for a very long time and it has only been the last few years that I have felt things were changing. To go to the office and ask is an excellent suggestion, and one that many in the park would feel comfortable doing, I'm sure. But that is not possible for me, based on my experiences in the past. I hope readers can respect that as well. My earlier message may have been interpreted in a way I did not intend, and for that I apologize. I do hope though, that the owners will communicate more. I used to thoroughly enjoy the newsletters and miss receiving them

I had the pleasure of camping at the Rizzort this summer with my family, and can say I thoroughly enjoyed my experience! I had stayed here many years ago as a kid, and have noticed so many great changes! The park seems to have greatly improved, from larger sites, a beautiful waterfront renovation that EVERYONE in the park gets to enjoy, a new washroom facility at the back of the park that has replaced the outhouse that was once there...the improvements are endless. In response to "Long Time Camper", if you can't see the changes that are being made, then all you have to do is ask! My husband and I had a wonderful conversation with the owners about some of the changes they have been making, and I am sure they would be happy to chat with you as well, instead of sitting at your site hiding and waiting for them to come to you! The owners told us about all the events that go on in the park, in a collaborative effort between park attendees and the owners. The effort and work that goes into entertaining park goers is apparently a very thankless job! On behalf of my family and I, thank you so much for letting us enjoy your clean, beautiful park, and helping my kids build fun Fairy Gardens as the kids craft for the weekend!

In response to "Long Time Camper", tens of thousands of dollars are spent on infrastructure in the resort each year, much unseen by the user. As a business, we try to provide services and an experience to our guests, but are not answerable to how we run our business and expenses. Our personal income is not anyone's business. It is difficult having critics live with you and challenge your actions on your own property for a nominal sum. We cannot please everyone, but our park is always full with a waiting list. We suggest you look elsewhere to satisfy your needs. You have the freedom to leave if you are dissatisfied in any way. That is the convenience of having a trailer with wheels.

We have been going to the park for many years. The past 5 years or so have definitely felt different. We would love to see more communication from the owners. Without that, our perception has been that the fees go up every year, but the services, docks, water quality, beaches, etc deteriorate every year, yet simultaneously the owner's home and vehicles and toys get replaced, renovated, or changed every year. It would be great to receive a newsletter like we used to that would detail improvements being done or being planned for the park. It would really help us feel our steadily increasing fees were being put to good use.

My family and I have been coming to this park for the past 3 years now and have greatly enjoyed our time here. We appreciate the quiet, family driven atmosphere that this park provides, and the friendly owners that work diligently to provide a nice experience for the guests. Overall the park is very clean and a great place for families, and we will continue to support this family business.

As owner of the park, I want to thank Leanne for her comments. Unfortunately not everyone can be pleased to their level of expectation. As a correction, we have 2 private beaches, 1 exclusively for guests with dogs segregated from the family beach, this is unique to our area and the campground industry. As for fees, we operate with transparency and full disclosure to incoming guests. Affordability can be an issue for some. While allowing for golf carts/atv's, respect for others in their use is documented and policed to the best of our ability. Good luck in your future endeavours!

I'm a life long camper and this has to be the most expensive and least delivering campsite I've ever been in. I've had better luck in provincial parks. Is the park clean, yes. Did my family and I enjoy our time there, not really. I resented that I was blamed by one of the owners of not cleaning up after my dog. When it was pointed out that I don't own a dog, I did not get an apology. I resent being stared at every time the owner drives by in his tractor. I was just sitting there minding my own business. I don't like the fact that the annual pot luck is something "put on" by the park owners when it's the campers that provide the food. The rates are too high and you can't even see the lake unless you pay another grand more to do so. The park doesn't even have its own beach. You have to pay a pad fee on top of your site fees but don't get the pad fee back when you leave. You should really get that $500 back as the concrete pad remains on the site. The water pressure is a total joke! What water pressure??? There is favouritism by the owners that is unjustified. It's okay for some to have a gas powered golf cart but not okay for others. It's supposed to be for noise issues. Really, then why do they slow ATV's to run all day long. We pulled out, won't be back and definitely will not recommend this site to anyone. In fact I will tell as many people about my experience as possible. BTW I've worked in customer service all my working career and I could teach them a thing or two about how to treat their customers. Thanks but no thanks.

I have been at this campground for the past four seasons. I love it. The owners are improving the sites each year. The area and park are beautiful and I find the owners most accommodating in every way. There are a lot of trailer parks around, but very few true campgrounds. This is one of the nicest and very reasonable for the season. The Rizzo's have done a fabulous job.

The park is situated on a hillside overlooking the beautiful little doe lake, fall colours were spectacular! This campground has a provincial park feel at much better rates, with way more services!! Great marina, great boating, great owners and friendly fellow seasonal campers. Highly recommended


Just ended a wonderful two weeks at the campground (for the third year) and my family had a wonderful time. Lake is beautiful, park is great, and owners were friendly as usual. Makes me wonder what avid camper did to provoke something!! We will be returning next year.

I too have been coming to this park for many years and have seen it change hands many times. I take a little offence to the "party park" remark as i remember it full of kids and good times. as with anything new, comes new rules, new changes, some for the good,some not so good, but you learn to live with them or move on. The thing I really miss is the "big family feeling" so many of the old friends have decided to move on and I get the feeling we have more retiries the young families. But I will continue coming for a few mores years yet.

we camped at the "Rizzort" last summer for two weeks, we found that it was a great place to stay, the only issues we had were our trailer is a 29ft with a slide out and the lot really wasn't that wide, so when the neighbours hammock was under our window also the steep hill from our trailer to the lake, other then that it was wonderful, everyone was very friendly( owners included:) and we would go back again ( hopefully on a wider lot:) we would recommend this ark to anyone!!!!!.....keep up the good work, you have a beautiful "RIZZORT"

I have also been staying at the campground for years, and unlike the slanderous, offensive comments of "Avid Camper" feel the "Rizzort" is a dramatic improvement over the run down party park it once was!!! The only people that have issues with rules are those that often break them!!! We enjoy the raised standard, the cleanliness, the overall feel of a professional resort....Oh, and "Avid Camper"...if you don't like the way things are at the place "they" own...exorcise your right to leave!!!! Check out other places and I'm sure you'll come begging back!!!

The park is beautiful, we had been coming here for many years, the unfortunate change to this park is it changed hands, the new owners, who have been here for about 5 years have completely changed the feel of the park. Physically it is still a lovely place to visit, but, everything that was charming and inviting has changed with them, and not for the better. If we wanted to go to Military school we would, it is unfortunate that this place now holds a cold prison like feel to it, and he has even been compared to Hitler!, hopefully things will change, to make this beautiful park just that again.

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