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The best 30 minute workout ever!

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John only cares about money, not you. Mia is a gross looking witch who enjoys being an a$$hole for no reason at all. Maybe if John spent less time at the casino and more time at home this would be a good place to work out, but its not. She treats everyone like garbage. The members are leaving and I see less and less staff working there and hear how much they dislike working here. The place is clean sometimes. The price is stupid. Just go somewhere else, these people do not deserve your money, they are horrible humans.

Was very disappointed on my first visit. I told him right away I could May be work out 2-3 times a week at most because I am in school and working full time and he told me I would have to work out at least 6 times a week to see any progress making me feel like I was a whale. ( I fit in to normal stores) Then when talking about my diet I told him I am a vegetarian and before finishing he interrupted me to tell me I need protein and will need to eat meat. Then spent the rest of the time talking over me and acting like he was in an infomercial "where if I call in the next five minutes" kinda thing. Also told me any other sport or activity I do will never work, thinks literally his program is the only way to be healthy.

I met with Mia and John, explained my many physical challenges (arthritis, re-occurring back dis-location, recent auto accident that resulted in whiplash & 6 broken ribs, bursitis, etc.) and was bulldozed into signing a $3600+ contract with a private trainer. After trying my best for 1 1/2 months, I couldn't do the workouts...they were WAY too intense for all my issues. I received 2 calls from my trainer, NEVER heard from John or Mia, and have never heard another thing from the facility. VERY disappointed.

Did the 21 day callable. Loved the workouts. Was a little disappointed at exit visit with John. When I said I could.not join, it was like I was a fly on the wall. He played with his cell phone while I was asking questions. I was hoping for some advice moving forward.

Great program, glad the wife made me tag along.

it is hard to tell how good a place is when reading some of these online opinions!!!! i walked in today and asked the lady working at the desk for some info and John came out of his office and answered all my questions, he gave me a tour and already started putting a plan in place for me to get in shape for my wedding. i am really loving this place from the first experience...

Been with John's programs since the old location, he built an awesome nex place with great equipment and crew. He really improved everything over the last year and I wish him all the best, great place to get in shape.

lol what are with some of these reviews? John is always there, super nice guy, you can walk up and talk to anyone and ask anything you want. Yes you pay a pretty high price but no other place compares, especially the rip off copy cats!!!!!

Amazing place! A+++++++++

I joined up to the 21 Day Challenge and it really opened up my eyes in a lot of ways to how much I was hurting my health by not living an active life. This really pulled me out of the dark depths and helped me lose 35 pounds! I joined their main program and love the classes and all of the people involved. Expect to work hard here, there are no short cuts!

The program itself is solid, you will work hard at this boot-camp and their motto "your work-out is our warm-up" rings true BUT there are several draw-backs to the way this business is run and going into a $100+/month contract you should know the good the bad and the down-right ugly. 1. John Savidis is NEVER there, After 9 months of classes I've seen him once - AT STARBUCKS not his gym 2. There are the good trainers that will teach you technique, challenge you and encourage you to push yourself to your very best but there are a few not-so great trainers who will take their 45 minute opportunity to preach, demean, insult and be flat out rude about the way they run their class. 3. The nutrition plan works but it is very unrealistic/hard to stick to long term (eating every 3 hours and an example of just one "meal" is 10 almonds and a small can of flavored tuna...there are other meal plans but all very small in portions) 4. They will teach you safe technique and you will see improvement in your strength, endurance and weight (following the nutrition plan) 5. Jeremy knows his nutrition and is more realistic with his guidance. Mia (John Savidis's wife) is a little on the wacky side with her advice and guidance, if you sign up, try and book your one nutrition class with Jeremy. 6. You will not be able to speak, smile, or look at some of the trainers the wrong way (especially on the wrong day) without suffering consequences and regularly if the trainers are in a foul mood the class will be "punished" 7. The routine changes every class and all muscle groups are challenged, Their are 3 real phases to each class: the first is the warm-up with running on the spot, jumping-jacks, burpees, push-ups (basically they get your heart-rate up); the second phase is a circuit and you will run through each station twice and spend less then a minute at each; and the last phase is a cardio burn which is similar to phase one but much harder. 8. Class schedules are limited and further reduced over thr summer 9. Equiptment at each of the stations is old, nothing new, shiny or high tech 10. $1400/year just on monthly payments; personal training classes are sold in bulk, the more you buy the cheaper 10 sessions $50/30 mins; 100 sessions $30/30 mins

Do not fall for it! Big waste of money! This is a slow (5 pounds in 10 weeks) and painful (many injuries), not to mention extremely expensive program with minimal results. You can get a membership for an entire year at any gym in Hamilton for less then the cost of their programs. No support. Very rude and insulting trainers (most of them) DO NOT DO IT!

HORRIBLE! WORST PROGRAM I'VE EVER DONE! Numerous injuries. They blame you for the injuries, they expect you to know proper technique without being taught. Insulting. It's NEVER a half hour class like they claim, the shortest class I ever had was 45 min. You cannot use the weight training facilities unless you pay extra. Expect you to do much more then what you pay for with the program on your own time at your own gym and will cost you even more money. Ridiculously expensive. Most of the employees, including the owner, have a very arrogant attitude about them.  Same meal plan for every single person, not individualized like they claim, not even healthy (require you to eliminate dairy, and 99% of carbs permanently) Make you buy tons of vitamins, health products, protein shakes and bars. Most of the staff is rude (minus two) And the guarantee is not a guarantee. In 12 weeks, I lost about 6 pounds. Just ridiculous. No one even cares if you lose weight. I was specifically told WE DONT EVER DO REFUNDS. Save your money, join a real gym, and eat healthy, you'll probably end up losing more weight on your own.

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