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This company is terrible. They hit and damaged my car over two weeks ago while clearing my neighbors driveway. Over 800$ worth of damages. Driver was texting instead of driving and would not have even stopped if I had not signaled him that I saw him hit my car. To this day, this company has not returned my calls or emails, not even to just apologize, never mind to offer to pay for the damages they caused to my car. So if you use this company beware and if your neighbour uses this company also beware!


Worse company ever never answers calls and you wait forever to get service...going with bo pelouse next year


simply,this guys a joke.

Just look at all the previous comments and make your own decision about this company! Moved to Dorval this spring and they had the best prices... hmm should have thought twice about hiring them. No return phone calls, lawn not cut for 3 weeks, work performed is terrible. Do not hire them!!!


Great Service ! Been working with PJC for 15 years. One must read into these negative comments with a grain of salt because they can be registered by a competitor which is the problem with many of these forums.


Worse company ever, never returns phone calls. The owner finally called me and was cursing all the time. I verified with the city of Dorval and they do not refer them as they have many lawsuits with city. Do not hire this company!!!


I am part of a consortium of properties and we have been very satisfied with PJC Lawn & Snow. They have been maintaining our properties in Dorval & Lachine for years. We have recently hired them to do all our Landscaping, sodding , and unistone. The work is top notch !!

Capriet Properties Inc.

Posted by Mike Farnel. Dorval, Qc "Have been using Lawn and Snow Services from PJC for 3 years and I would recommend to all. Their service are much better than Bo Pelouse who I had for only one season before that".


Worse company ever!!! Peter never returns any of my calls. I am moving and want a refund from last summer and never goy one.


Very polite and Great Service. Keep up the good work Peter !!


Great Service Company ! Very quick in returning calls. Have been doing business with PJC for 4 years and service is always top notch. He must do hundreds of contracts in my area because I see a lot of there trucks and signs. I was referred by a neigbor and am very satisfied.


Peter never returns any of my calls. So that everyone knows do not ever use this companie as their service is really poor and never answer their phones.


Been doing business with PJC for 15 years. His service and customer relations is very good. They get the job done. I have been living in Dorval for 35 years and know a lot of people who do business with PJC. I was very surprised to see negative reviews because I hear only good thing regarding PJC. I guess the old saying "You cannot please everybody all the time" is true. All I know is all my neighbours and friends are quite satisfied to be using his services.


Called many times for a refund a never returns his calls, doesn't even have an office.


Will never use them again,they charged me more than my neighbor next door. Have been with Peter for 10 years and my neighbor just this year. He should keep his existing customers happy instead of looking for new ones.


One of the best contractors in the city. Have been doing business with Peter since 1990. Always polite curtious and gets the job done. His crews are well trained and professional. We had an issue once and was taken care of promptly and without any further cost.


I have been a customer of PJC Snow Removal and Landscaping for the past 15 years and came across this blurb web page and read a couple of the negative reviews. I have been very satisfied with PJC's professional services. They have always provided top notch service both in Snow Removal services and Lawn Mowing services. Many of my friends and neighbours use their service and I have never heard of negative word spoken. I once overpaid for services and were surprised to get a refund cheque returned to our address. They are honest and I recommend there services.


Great service. Best in the area. I have lived here for 15 years and have use 5 other contractors. PJC are by far the best in my area. Clean work. Fast service.


It was late fall, when we signed a lease to move to Dorval, and with the recommendation of some neighbours including the landlord we decided to use the services of PJC lawn and Snow. After speaking with Peter and letting us know how long he had been in business and being the only local contractor, we prepaid for the snow removal service and were done. Unfortunately, within a week of signing his contract, we discovered mould in the basement of the house and did not move into the Dorval home. We reached Peter to let him know his services would not be required and he said he understood. He also said he would require $50 administration fee to reopen the file, but would refund the remaining money. For months now we have been contacting him for the check he promised to no avail. I guess his integrity was only valid until he received our money, but none existing after. The money in question is not a large sum; it’s the principle of it. It was late November, no snow, and less than a week after the agreement was signed it was cancelled! Do not use his services!


PJC is the worse of all snow removal service providers. I tried all 4 in my area and PJC is by far the worst. They are lazy and never rem,ove the snow when required. They come 8-12 hours after their competitors...


I always had great service and great work. I would definitely recommend.




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