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The former developer referred to in the other review died in 2013 shortly after he was foreclosed on. The mortgage investment banker who held his loan now owns it. Maintenance has improved but still needs someone to come in who will be more proactive and put some money into improving this unbelievably beautiful and pristine hidden gem and enhancing its charms while preserving them. I found it in 2014 on google and hiked in and fell in love. I bought a lot and built a home thereafter and have spent the past summers and falls since wandering about and marveling at its enchanting beauty and wildlife with nary a soul in sight. There are a few other full time homeowners I do run into occasionally and they are great people and we always marvel together at our great luck to have discovered and share this special place. Anyone interested in partnering with me to purchase the development, please contact me at the web site I have set up. I only have a handful of my photos online now, but have 1000s more. I also have dozens of slideshows on my own personal site: As time permits I will add more content to the Abbecombec site. There are about 50 unsold lots and about 8 large undeveloped parcels, in addition to the common lands which include the vast wetlands and 2 miles of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This place is owned and operated by the biggest scam artist on God's green earth> BEWARE!!!!!

Phil Hollingsworth

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