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1200 Derry Rd East
Mississauga L5T 0B3
We have single-handedly changed the buying and selling process to help Ontario achieve peace of mind. And that comes with a great package of savings built in. We stand by our 4 step process to help you get more for less and guarantee customer satisfaction. Be apart of the fastest growing real estate team. Leads 100% of Leads Provided Make More Money, Immediately Convert We Take the Risk Clients Choose You Sales Get High-Quality Referrals Get High-Quality Referrals Rebate Realty is clearly the website of choice for tech-industry employees looking for a home. It puts me in front of qualified buyers who are versed in market trends and the upside potential in their neighborhood of choice. To be an active Rebate Realty partner agent is to assure that, if you work hard, you will be a top 5% agent in your area. Use our streamlined 5 step process to become a home owner, faster and for less. At, we know the market well so once you have shortlisted, We will help you identify your most opportune investment using our state of the art facility built with you in mind. Sit back comfortably and see the houses come to life in a presentation that will highlight the pros and cons of the property backed by dedicated research and facts on your choice of homes. You will walk out of our Deal Room with a clear decision in mind. Our dedicated realtors will help you search for the perfect home. Use our proprietary search technology at to narrow down what you want to book a showing for. Instant insights for the selected properties are provided to you so we can help you make an informed decision, before you go see the property. Tired of realtors not getting back to you? That's why through our Instant Booking System we invested in an infrastructure that guarantees an appointment in 4 hours or less. At, you get a team to service you- Not just a single Realtor. An automated email before and after the showing gives you information you need when you walk in and provides us feedback when you walk out to get closer to your dream home. Our network partners always save you money. Choose to work with professional Mortgage Advisors from RateShop Inc., a leading online mortgage brokerage to determine affordability, best rates and ensure qualification. Unlike banks, RateShop Inc. deals with over 30 lenders that offer discounted rates better than banks, other institutions and even other brokerages due to their volume relations with lenders. Receive approvals as fast as same day and compare the rates across the board with a best rate guarantee. Track your application status online, speak with an advisor at your convenience and every deal qualifies for a free appraisal when working with! Starting from your pre-qualification so you can go home shopping with a Realtor, and all the way to closing of your purchase with our empanelled lawyer, know that you are in the best hands. Let the entire team of our streamlined network take special care of your transaction and save you at every step. That's why we reimburse you for all your costs incurred like home inspection fees, home appraisal fees, moving costs, upto 3 months of home and fire insurance. Now that you are a Loyalty Member, choose a gift from a massive 18,000 list of products handpicked for you, as a thank you from us to you. Get upto 1% in Rebates, after all your perks have been paid for, left over qualifying Cash Rebate is paid to you ! Rebate Realty 1200 Derry Rd East, Mississauga, ON L5T 0B3 Canada [email protected] Phones: 905-459-9384/855-552-9514

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