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We had a fine set of sturdy outdoor furniture, a two-seater and two single chairs. They looked like overgrown Lincoln logs. We needed them because we spent hot summer days outdoors under the black oak tree just off the front stoop. It was too hot to ...

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Giving new life to fallen timber with unique carvings of the natural worlds

Andre Daniels, a former boat builder and fine furniture maker based in South Devon makes lifelike moths out of wood. PICTURES: Steve Haywood ... He only uses 'home grown' timbers such as oak, ash, elm, laburnum and is passionate about protecting ...

Architect Antonio Cruz's Cool, Collected Home

But just around the corner, inside the home of architect Antonio Cruz, there is cool, ordered calm. With its white walls, oak floors and High Modernist appetite for clean surfaces, the house wouldn't be out of place in Switzerland or even Finland. But ...