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Category: Shopping and Retail
70 Sanford Avenue North
Hamilton L8L 5Y9

Phone 905-526-0965

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Park's Furniture! Visit our 3+ acres of showroom located in Hamilton, Ontario. Best Prices in Canada!

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Parks Furniture Consumer Reviews

parks sold us all leather furnature which is actually bonded leather admitted the salesman lied and was fired but your basically screwed


purchased leather furniture and was lied to by salesman parks management admitted it but were not very willing to justify situation so we are basically stuck with phoney crap

jeff smith,

I cannot understand how parks can sell items so close to cost.maybe owner is super rich!! I must say the staff are friendly and very funny to deal with. Dont really care how he sells for cheap ,I just care I can buy it that cheap


Their Ashley furniture is 1/2 the price Ashley sells it for, I don't know how they do it. I recommend you do your own comparison


Very bad customer service program ever. Once they have your money, they don't care about you

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