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Call them they are great!


I had new blinds put in my condo by Leslie and she knew exactly what I needed from the moment she walked in the door. Very pleasant.


My wife and I just bought a new house and Lesley was wonderful. She was recommended by friends and we are so fortunate to of found her. Her knowledge and expertise was much needed. She out priced Home Depot and Costco and the install was so quick. Use her again

Just had my windows done and cant say enough about the service and pricing. Lesley is wonderful and had a great experience. See know her stuff.

Excellent service and pricing would use again.

Unbelievably bad service. Don't ever use this company!!

This was the worst customer service of my life. I have tried to get my cords fixed but they will not even answer the phone. Very unprofessional

We have used Lesley many times for our windows covering as are always very very pleased. She is very proffecinal and always has a smile. Her recommendations are always wonderful. Would use her in a second again.

Kathy Theston

She is wonderful until you need service. Then I can't get her to return my calls. Horrible service. After she gets your VISA expect o be treated badly.

I used Lesley and she seemed very professional. What a joke. She is a liar and a fake. Good actress! You can never get her on the phone. Everything is fine until you need any kind of service. No wonder Calbridge Homes doesn't recommend her anymore!!!

I used Lesley and she seemed very professional. What a joke. She is a liar and a fake. Good actress! You can never get her on the phone. Everything is fine until you need any kind of service. No wonder Calbridge Homes doesn't recommend her anymore!!!

After having five marvelous dealings with Lesley, I required her help in January with a vertical blind. After over ten phone messages, two emails, and one text page, there was not one message returned. She's proven her customer service to be attrocious, and no wonder why Sterling Homes have stopped referring clients to her. We've always stood by Lesley, as like I said before we were long time customers, but now I would tell everyone to stay away. Majorly disappointed!

Our new window coverings just got installed and we are so happy. Would recommend Lesley to anyone. What a wonderful experience.

Michelle Murrey

My name is David Deans and I'm leaving a very positive review for Calgary wholesale blinds. We were recommended by friends of ours and were very happy with our sample selections and her vast knowledge of her field. We would recommend her 100 percent.

My husband and I have purchased many window coverings from Lesley in the past for many houses and commercial buildings we have. She is proffecional and has great design ideas. I do not agree with comments below and have to say I think they are false. There is many other company's out there saying rude and untrue things. The competition in the industry is cruel.

Erin below must not work many hours because nobody answer the phone. If you want to se if it is true just pick up the phone and try getting Lesley on the phone! Good luck.

We also thought Lesley was great....until you have an issue with your blinds. We have Hunter Douglas blinds and the cords keep snapping. She was very unresponsive (to say the least) and told us that we must take them down and ship them to her to be fixed but she would never provide an address after numerous requests. I am actually amazed that she is in business!! AMAZED! I hope people do their homework. I would choose a customer-focused business that emphasizes integrity next time. Do your homework folks!

Very disappointed, no follow up, no help, no nothing and I would never recommend you purchase from the place unless you have lots of time to waste. You will not be happy.

We were recommend to Calgary Wholesale blinds and nothing but good things to say about Lesley. Excellent service and products and pricing. Very proffecional and she knows here stuff. Very Happy

Ken and Sarah

I am reading all of these made up reviews and I cannot believe them. I have worked for the company for 10 years and the way the business is ran and handled is wonderful. Lesley has owned and operated the company for 15 years and its funny this is all thats coming up now. This is truly unfair and wrong. These are coming from other companies trying to discredit her. I answer the phones and would know the truth. SO UNFAIR! people should be ashamed of themselves. Lies


Absolute disaster dealing with her. Blinds break on us monthly and we cannot get a hold of her. Left VM's, texts, emails and messages with her call service. Now I see why she is an F on the BBB site and other ratings sites. Stay away from Calgary Wholesale Blinds. On the rare occasion that you can get a hold of her she is either in Hawaii or Invermere enjoying herself and forgetting about her customer service obligations.

I would recommend Lesley to anyone. Great pricing and attitude. great experience

cliff anderson

I cannot believe I am reading this stuff. I have known Lesley for 10 years and 4 houses. There is two sided to every story and she is being represented completely wrong. These are all false accusations and there is no value to your issues. She is a wonderful person and because you hadn't been told what you want to hear or are making up issues out of her control there is no need to exploit her at all. Remember two sides and maybe you need to hear the whole story.


Lesley Faulds is a LIAR and a THEIF. I like everyone else have paid her 10's of thousands of dollars and she didn't even finish the job!! Then it's just one lie after another.shevis quick to grab credit card numbers and make it seem like she had your best interest at heart when really once she gets her money she's never seen again. Ad for price I would hardly say she was cheap I think that she say that I was at a very busy time in my life and she went for a money grab. I urge anyone that has taken the time to find out what kind of business person she is to save their time and money and find a reputable company. She WILL take your money but chances are you WILL NOT get what you paid for.

People complain when they get bad service, but love the cheap prices, if you want the cheapest price don't expect to have a professional company to look after you. Good service comes at a price.

I can't believe this business stays "in business" I agree with the other comments. She is quite ready to take your order and your credit card, BUT DON'T EXPECT ANY SERVICE AFTERWARD. In fact, I asked her for a copy of an invoice for what she charged to my VISA and she won't provide it. I suspect that means, she's overcharged me and doesn't want to have to refund. She has many complaints with the BBB as well. Don't walk away from this one, RUN!

Do not use Lesley's company!

I would have to agree with the comments below. It seems like my experience was identical as well. I must have left 50 messages with Leslie. I also was in touch with Jimmy who feels bad for the customers but since he is not the owner of the company his hands are tied. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after you have paid your final amount. My problems started happening within a week of installation but there was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after months and months of phone calls. Like most people I ended up ignoring it in the end but I would strongly suggest people USE A DIFFERENT COMPANY

I had the exact same experience as many others. When I was spending my thousands (x2 houses), Leslie's service was amazing. The minute I had issues with her measurement (and Jimmy's install) on my garden doors, she refused to respond to emails and phone calls. I too was told by her helper (the poor soul who actually nswered the phone) that I would be dealt with...I never heard from them again. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

We used Lesley from Calgary Wholsale blinds to fit out our new home. They were really fast to respond to our initial enquiry and she was great when selling us the blinds. Her price was very good im comparison to all other vendors we saw. The blinds took 3 weeks to arrive and the installation was smooth. No issues there then. SO why did it all go wrong?. Well we decided to have an additional blind for the bathroom as an afterthought. I called the office number which is in fact a messaging service. 2 weeks later no response. I call again and leave a message for Lesley, still no reply. So i call again and ask for a manager to cal me. Next day "Karen" called and was ever so sorry for the fact Lelsey was ignoring us. She would sort it immediately. We never heard from them again. So i emailed Lesley this time. SUCCESS!!!! i got a reply saying she never got any messages. HMMMMMM?. Then it gets better. She asks me to measure the window myself and she will order the new blind. But she already measured when she first visited i asked myself. Anyway i sent all the info and her reply was i quote " On order". thats it! 4 weeks later i hear nothing so i email her again. She tells me she had it shipped direct to me. HMMMMMM another lie i think. So i wait another week and still nothing. Finally i email her and tell her to shove her blind up where the sun doesn't shine. It will come as no surprise the blind never arrived. In summary these people are good value and will be all over you when you are spending thousands but if you need any service or follow up they will lie to you and ignore you. Spend the extra few bucks and find a place with a store you can go back to if you need. DO NO USE THIS COMPANY.

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