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100 Westmore Drive, Unit#15
Toronto M9V 5C3
Benza Sports is a leading Martial Arts and MMA Sports equipment supplier in Toronto, Canada. We offer branded MMA shorts and gloves at competitive prices. Buy online MMA sports uniforms and equipment through our website or visit our showroom. Our main focus is to satisfy our customers by providing quality sports products. Contact us (416-992-0943) for more details about our sports equipment in Toronto. Visit our online sports shop. Our Sports Equipment Includes: 1. Accessories » Hand Wraps, Mouth Guards, Speed Ropes, Sports Gym Bags 2. Apparels » Boxing Robes, Boxing Shorts, Boxing Trousers, Compression Wears, MMA Shorts, Muay Thai Shorts 3. Boxing/MMA Gears » Bag Gloves, Body Protectors, Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, 4. Elasticated Gears 5. Fitness Equipment 6. Heavy Bags » Free Standing Heavy Bags, Punching Thai Bags, Speed Balls, Specialty Heavy Bags 7. Heavy Bag Stands 8. Rank Belts & Sashes 9. Shoes » Boxing Shoes, Taekwondo Shoes 10. Sparring Gears » Arm Protector, Foot Protector, Gloves, Chest Guards, Groin Guards, Head Gears, Shin Guards 11. Training Gears » Focus Targets, Kicking Shields, Thai Kicking Pads 12. Training Weapon » Bo Staff, Breaking Boards, Escrima Sticks, Kamas, Nunchucks, Practice Knives, Sai, Tonfa 13. Uniforms » BJJ Gi Jiu-Jitsu Uniform, Judo Gi – Judo Uniform, Karate Uniform, Kung Fu Uniform, Kyokushin Dogi, Martial Art Pants, Taekwondo Uniforms

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