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The 2015 Comox Valley Real Estate Market

The 2015 real estate market is in full swing in the Comox Valley. Listings are on their way up and activity throughout February was brisk. This activity included some multiple offers on listings. T...

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New release

 The Lost Enforcer is now on sale at

This audio book is written by Irene Radford & Bob Brown. It will also be available through iTunes and Amazon.


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 Laser Aid has just launched their new Mobile Unit so they can come to you. Stop Smoking in the comfort of your own home with LaserMobile!

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Lester Farms Inc

From: Madonna Whelan
I am another unsatisfied customer. I agree with several posts below that they have no interest in satisfying an unhappy customer. As you read through all of the comments on this site, you will see a...

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Ashburn Company Generates More Than $100M In Revenue

For the first time in the company's 24-year history, FCi Federal exceeded $100 million in annual revenues in 2014, it announced last week. The Ashburn-based company offers operations management and professional services to federal government ...

Brain Awareness Day Program Planned In Ashburn March 28

Following a successful inaugural event last year, Ashburn Library hosts its second annual Brain Awareness Day on March 28. The event features two keynote speakers working at the forefront of neuroscience and plenty of hands-on activities for all ages.

Father of 3 Killed on Way To Work in Ashburn

ASHBURN — Davonta Burdine knew something was wrong when he answered the front door Thursday morning and a neighbor said someone had been shot in an alley — and then began describing the clothing his brother had been wearing that day.

Car stolen off Ashburn Drive

A Sandusky woman parked her black Ford Fusion in the 1300 block of Ashburn Drive Saturday night, and last saw her vehicle at about 11:30 p.m., according to a Sandusky police report. The woman awoke the next morning to find the Fusion gone, and called ...