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Distributors Welcome

Rancon Systems Ltd is currently looking for new dealers and distributors of our conveyor equipment.  If you are currently purchasing from dealers who sell knock off equipment from our original...

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)– Now in Toronto, O

Scalp Esthetica is proud to announce that Scalp Micropigmentation has finally arrived in Toronto, Canada. What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp Micropigmentation has been around since the 90s, ho...
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Special offer -

For a limited time $40 per month taxes included you can get Unlimited high speed internet

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Calgary Wholesale Blinds

From: Frustrated
Erin below must not work many hours because nobody answer the phone. If you want to se if it is true just pick up the phone and try getting Lesley on the phone! Good luck....

Tazah Taste

From: Abdullah Khan
Best pakistani/indian restaurant in mississauga. Excellent food, Excellent service. Recommended for take out and not dine in...

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Oil prices pull Canada into recession, fuelling concerns Australia could be next

Canada fell into a recession in the first half of the year as its economy reeled from the impact of low oil prices. According to Statistics Canada, the economy contracted 0.5 per cent in the second quarter after retreating 0.8 per cent in the previous ...

Argentina gives Canada a lesson at FIBA Americas

Canada was certainly taught a few in their opening match of the 2015 FIBA Tournament of the Americas. With a massive thunderstorm raging outside the Palacio De Los Deportes, Canada's bright international future briefly clouded over. Perhaps the biggest ...

Air Canada ticketing 'glitch' draws class action lawsuit

28 at just under $800, but customers were told days later the cost of 10 one-way business-class flights in the western U.S. or Canada was actually $8,000. The documents said Air Canada refused to live up to its contractual obligations and illegally ...

Edmonton senior digs in to stamp out Canada Post community mailbox

Ken Pudetz is staging a sit-in against Canada Post. Alone. In his own front yard. The 76-year old is upset - he says he's too old to get angry - about a decision to put a community mailbox in front of his Mill Woods home. On Saturday, he went out for ...