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Renovco in Winners' Circle

Yet another achievement added to Renovco’s success story. On Tuesday, January 14, two news releases containing Renovco’s listing were distributed across a network-based newswire via CNW Group ...
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About us

 Team Certified Mold Inspections Inc offers all type of real estate residential and commercial inspections,mold testing,mold detection,infrared services,mold and asbestos removal in all over G...

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New brand in the store

Bike Bros. is very proud to be offering Raleigh Bike products for 2014.

Although the Raleigh Brand is over 125 years old, the Canadian market hasn't actually had access to "real" ...

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Calgary Wholesale Blinds

From: Wise Buyer
People complain when they get bad service, but love the cheap prices, if you want the cheapest price don't expect to have a professional company to look after you. Good service comes at a price....

Podaima Performance

From: Felicia Johnston
It was nice to see that my trainer already had a diet plan prepared for me by my second session. This gave me a lot of confidence in the trainer’s ability to determine what I needed. In the first mo...

West Wind Auto Repair Ltd

From: S Ahmad
I gave this shop my car to change the clutch... they first quoted me $770 and after a couple days, the quote went to ~$1000 dollars because it apparently had a special clutch, which they didn't tell m...

PJC Snow Removal

From: Capriet Properties Inc.
I am part of a consortium of properties and we have been very satisfied with PJC Lawn & Snow. They have been maintaining our properties in Dorval & Lachine for years. We have recently hired them to ...

PJC Snow Removal

From: Mike
Posted by Mike Farnel. Dorval, Qc "Have been using Lawn and Snow Services from PJC for 3 years and I would recommend to all. Their service are much better than Bo Pelouse who I had for only one seaso...

Martello Property Services Inc

One of the worst Property Management Companies, would never recommend them....

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Andres Servantes dies after Ashburn shooting

Andres Servantes died three days after being shot in the head in the Ashburn community. Servantes, 22, was sitting in a vehicle in the 8100 block of South Kilpatrick Avenue when a light-colored vehicle pulled up and somebody inside opened fire about 10 ...

Estranged husband charged in Ashburn woman's death

An Ashburn, Va., man has been charged with killing his estranged wife and investigators say he staged it to look like a suicide. On the morning of March 20th, 43-year-old Michelle Castillo's children woke up at their home along Belmont Station Drive ...

Stray Bullet Travels Through Wall, Neighbor's Bed

An Ashburn resident is accused of firing two rounds from his gun early Wednesday morning, with one ending up in a neighbor's bedroom, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. Juan M. Ramos-Marroquin, 33, of Chantilly, is charged with unlawful ...

Letter: David Mowbray, Ashburn

Dear Editor: I read with incredulity last week's raft of letters attacking the Board of Supervisors new budget that “only” increased school funding by 8.5 percent. One school teacher writer even charged that the supervisors did not “listen to the ...